the world's end ( visual novel )

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the world's end ( visual novel )

Postby tonywelch15 » Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:22 pm

welcome to the world's end
okay there are no custom thing's what so ever in the world end I would like to make custom tile set's etc but I don't think the 001 community is in to visual novel as I have not came across any what so ever
so far there is the prologue part one and two done
Prologue part one

My name is tom white
This is my story
I lay in bed not wanting to fall asleep I know that when I do fall to sleep I will have that same damn dream I’ve had since I turned 8 years of age
I turn over to my left and look at my alarm clock it reads
My vision starts to go blank as I rolled back into my bed
I fall to sleep
It’s all right sweetheart said the women to my left
I turn my head to my left
The women’s baby is crying
It’s okay sweetheart the women said again to her baby
I turn away from the women and her baby I pull my pillow
That I got from a woman that work’s for the plane company
I try to fall asleep but it’s hard with the crying baby that’s sitting next to me
I pull the pillow closer to me as if it would disappear into thin air
I am about to fall asleep when I notice that the baby stopped crying
I couldn’t even hear the sound of the jet’s starting out sound from the waiting room
I felt some think was wrong so I look up
My jaw drops
My heart skip’s a beat
The baby that was sitting next to me is now sitting on top of the seat in front of me
The baby smile’s at me with its vampire looking teeth
The baby’s skin looks like something you would see in a horror film
I look around the waiting room
There’s no one insight where did everyone go
As I turn back towards the baby
The baby open’s its mouth and tells me
You are the chosen one you must survive the hard time’s that come’s for you
You must find the truth before it is too late
When you find the truth you will be saved
What are you talking about?
The baby open’s its mouth once more
That I cannot say it is up to you my friend ...
( continued in game )
please tell me what you think

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