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Twisted StoryTwisted Story v1
by corpSe HeaDZ

It's a short game that the main goal is to kill and destroy the main boss of the game.
You must face gigantic creatures and monsters in order to win the game. The monsters and creatures here are only few so that you can defeat or kill them easily.
the deadthe dead v.1.0 completo
by DAN404 NEGATIVO-200

the dead baseado no meu jogo criado no xbox 360 que fis no jogo do far cry 3 este jogo esta bem legal se voçe jogar en resolução menorm pois a que entra automatica fica meio estranho sei que não coloquei imagens do jogo é por que sou novo en col ...
Resident Evil The Mercenaries 2DResident Evil The Mercenaries 2D V1.0
by Abnerrse4

The game is a remake of the famous game for the 3ds, it is possible to play with all the characters at any stage, the goal is clear kill as many enemies as possible of it is still the first version of the game missing a few things that will be stowed ...
SporSpor V.3
by creativeminds

Step inside the world of SPOR and create your own planet.
Enjoy your tiny creations as they evolve into epic populations.
Also visit other planets and trade across the galaxies!

Be Awed, by the worlds around you!

-Added Dig Site
-this game c ...
VengerVenger Tester v0.2.1
by Fizi


Genre: Shooter
Type: Top Down

They took everything from him
Now the VENGER is back
And it’s payback time

5 stages to beat
3 boss to kill
6 types of weapon
Rage system

System Requirements:
1.0 gig ...
1970 AD1970 AD V. 1.15
by Jegar

A experiment with a game that uses as little English as possible. Set in the year (0000 0111 1011 0010) you take on the role of a newly stationed Russian Soldier. This game was made for the Metomunc Adventure game contest. Basic content may be added ...
Gods & SpartansGods & Spartans v1
by Bosak_paul

Venture throughout Agartha, Battling various Monsters & Bosses, and completing quests along the way. Special abilities and stats depending on witch side you choose! It's your job to cast away the darkness from within.(Get ready to click!!)(This is th ...
by tecnotoad

an idea that i had about a choose your own adventure story about a lesbian fawn girl that had to kill a monster girl to become a fawn WOMAN but she ends up falling in love with the monster girl that she should've killed, there's multiple endings and ...
Free RunnerFree Runner Demo
by Bosak_paul

A game were the objective is simple, Run as far as you can!! Simple but challenging.(Try out this Demo, this is not a final version, much more Gameplay to come, but this will give you a good idea of the game.)

-Character ...
Builder Blocks Pre AlphaBuilder Blocks Pre Alpha Alpha 1.1
by Gluos

A 2d free build game where you can create anything, the only limit is your imagination... and the fact that you can only use grass, sand, stone, brick, ice, and lava blocks.
New Features:
Alpha 1.1
New tiles
Solid colors Red Orange Yello Green Bl ...
gangstar criminal completogangstar criminal completo
by strikernice

gangstar criminal
----->versão completa<---------- ...
The Ocean's DeepThe Ocean's Deep :: 8 Demo
by Jesse Bangerter

The Ocean's Deep is a game in which you play as Douglas Hall, a book collector and freelance journalist. You are on a journey to find a book called "Peace from Etymology," which takes you to the town of New Barron, where the book was last seen.

G ...
gangstar criminalgangstar criminal demo
by strikernice

voce e um gangstar e uns otarios roubaram seu dinheiro e seus (pacotes) agora voce e sua gang vao matalos pegar devolta seu dinheiro e suas drogas.

comenta coment ---->strikernice<----- sou brasileiro ----->dowload my games<---- --------->baixe ...
Snow Shoveling Simulator 2014Snow Shoveling Simulator 2014 Release 1.1.1
by 2cool4me4

"You'll never make a living shoveling snow!" your parents yell as you storm out of the room. You run to the shed, find the closest thing to a shovel you can, and run away from home. It's a fresh snow in Really Big City, and you're ready for anything. ...
zona da mortezona da morte
by strikernice

zona da morte é um de zombies em que historia é que o mundo é tomado por zombies e vc tem que acar com eles em sua cidade ate conseguir um abrigo seguro ...
Hilarious Horror Rpg
by powerimmortal

"You awaken within a dark forest." says the narrator.Unfortunately the main character can hear the narrator so...Yeah. Also a demon from another dimension is after his soul and took the girl that he was finally going to ask out, and it's up to Player ...
Dragons Affliction - FareGaming :: Demo V0.6
by Alexfare

Play through a huge world with lots of quest and up to level 102! Many items and much more updates to come!

Created by FareGaming as a test run of 001 and loving it so far! ...
REGT's V4 RTGREGT's V4 RTG :: 8 Update 1
by RamchuK_Ntertainment

Ramchuk Entertainment Games is proud to present an Official Demonstration of the V4 Random Terrain Generator (RTG)! You might have heard of it on the Forums, but here is your chance to see it live in action. Our V4 RTG is the 4th in a series, being a ...
by ThunderBlast

In this action RPG game, you play as Zeraj, who goes on a guest through the Crystal Caverns to follow his dreams and become a hero at the Hall of Heroes. But beware; the chamber is guarded by the mistical Zelios and his legions of crystal creatures. ...
by king goku

Mission In This Game Is To Defeat The Dangerous Monster.First You Defeat The Small Bats And Gain Money. And With The Money Buy More Medick Kit. With That Medick Kit Defeat The Big Bat. By Defeating The Big Bat You Can Get Super Car.By Driving Car Cro ...
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