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Space Shooter V1.2
by EpicyNinja

Shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot all of the different starships.

They all have different attack patterns ect.

See if you can beat 2500 or 5000! ...
Castle Maze 8Castle Maze 8 :: 7.86 New Version
by falcon

After so many request i decided to put better graphics on the castle maze 8.
The castle maze 8 is the first game, that i have made with a short number of stages but all them are very difficult to pass. So this game include modern 8bits style music a ...
Legends of Shadowcloak :: Demo v.01
by traxom

A new RPG featuring turn-based first person combat (Like the Dragon Warrior series). You play as Shadowcloak, a mysterious hooded hero whose origins are unknown. Face hordes of monsters,go on epic adventures, and save the world from the HellSpawn. ...
Thiphonia - Crystal StrikeThiphonia - Crystal Strike TEST
by Zorc

The Thiphonia lands are in uproar, spys of the Dragonforce clan have discoverd that the hostile Crystal clan plans to summon the wrath god Cornox to throw the world into endless darkness and pain. Seans hometown gets attacked and is destroyed from th ...
CheckersCheckers 1.1
by Dunce

Here is a simple game of Checkers. Shows off what you can do with Mouse controls. The only thing not in this is extra jumps after capturing a puck.

I will include a link to the source project as well, so you can see how its all made. I put comment ...
Tower Defence V1.2
by EpicyNinja

Get tower-guns and shooooooot enemy waves that attack you. They gradually get more difficult. Click on the arrows to make the enemies come faster. More games will come later and I am making an RPG game. This is more or less a trial run.
This is like ...
The last hope (end)The last hope (end) Episode 1 (END)
by Benben516

Full game features(NO LONGER)
Open world
Main and side quests
Intense story
Well done artwork
Tons of weapons
And more...

Beta 1.0 features
limited world
few quests
intense fighting

Hi as u can see i havent got much yet but i plan ...
The Adventues of bobThe Adventues of bob Episode 1
by Benben516

This is the adventures of bob the man who wanted to see god but will he see him this is the tale of bob get ready for a short random fun time of AWESOMENESS!!!!! ...
Maple Story Emulator Emulator v0.1
by HyperGamer

Just a sample of what you can do in engine001.
Maybe this will become a small flash game.
If you want to help me with this project just PM me (HyperGamer) or make a fourm section & name it Maple Story Emulator.
Have fun it's not a game it's a very ...
Warriors of Hope and the Blind BirdWarriors of Hope and the Blind Bird :: 7.29 DEMO v 0.2
by Nick S F


A muito tempo um habilidoso alquimista criou doze laminas para vencer uma guerra contra uma população de monstros. As doze foram dadas a doze guerreiros, mas dez deles traíram a humanidade, com exceção de dois deles.
Para demons ...
Dungeon AceDungeon Ace :: 8.33
by tower07

Dungeon Ace is an RPG originally for the RPG Four Digits competition.
You wander around a dungeon looking for items to help you solve puzzles and quests and you travel higher and higher...

WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Space to check yo ...
Eternos: Rise of Galtis
by Darkvoid

Eternos is a fictional world set in a fictional universe, a universe that I have been working on for years. This shall be one of the games in the series (there will be many games in this series).

Eternos: Rise of Galtis is set in the year of 1691 ...
Legend of Zekeyian ILegend of Zekeyian I :: 8.2 LOZ I Demo v0.5
by ZodanaBorado

Working as hard as I can on the script and a good story, but when the full version is released I hope you will enjoy it. (Thanks for the rating guys!) I think I will go ahead and continue to finish making this full game.Okay guys still work to be don ...
Azura's Plane: Rise of Grusch'AllAzura's Plane: Rise of Grusch'All DEMO v0.1
by HaloKaiser33

In this first installment of Azura's Plane, you take on the role of Matt Greene. Transported from Earth to a magical new world, you discover that you are the prophesized Hero of Legend. It is your destiny to overthrow Grusch'All, and his force of nec ...
War of Zornia(It´s just an upload try,don´t download)! test
by dutex11

teeesstpneumoultrmicrscópicossiliconovulcanoóticofonofobia!teeesstpneumoultrmicrscópicossiliconovulcanoóticofonofobia!teeesstpneumoultrmicrscópicossiliconovulcanoóticofonofobia!teeesstpneumoultrmicrscópicossiliconovulcanoóticofonofobia!teeess ...
ResurectionResurection :: 2.5
by SpectraPhantom

R115 production ~SpectraPhantom
multiple game modes and lots of maps
not complete more maps to add and bugs to fix hear and there multiplayer out soon
contact for help ideas ect. spacecosmonaut @ aol .com
updates monthl ...
HungergamesHungergames 1.2
by SpectraPhantom

R115 Production fan game
[not a fan]
were th goal is to survive in a crazy any happen map
updates periodic
if problem or other contact
spacecosmonaut @ aol .com
note this game has cheats ...
RangarRangar :: 8.33 Demo
by killuagameplay


-Novo Cenário.
-Novo Mapa.
-Novos Sons.
-Nova Tela De Carregamento.
-Novo Recurso: Dormir.

Dica: Tentem Golpear os Arbustos =)

Esta Demo não contém nenhuma história ou missão para completar,
Esta Demo é apenas uma for ...
Legend of ZekeyianLegend of Zekeyian :: 7.71 L.O.Z Demo v0.4
by ZodanaBorado

(The Updated Version is made) Just search "Legend of Zekeyian I" and there you go.(Update coming soon guys, and I believe you will like this version) Hang in there I am working as hard as I can, but you won't be disappointed on what I have in store.( ...
Adventure Back
by 12345678p

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