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PSI:COPSI:CO :: 6.8 DEMO v0.11
by Tabula Rasa

Uploaded: Demo v0.11 quickfix
* Fixed levelup bug where game would remain paused once finished.
* Fixed bug where weapons would not be properly removed once sewer level was finished.
* Fixed bug where mission log would not properly update.
* Adde ...
dream[e]scapedream[e]scape v1.0
by Dunce

You are Mr. White, a man stuck in a dream world. You must progress up the tower of dreams, each level another floor, so that Mr. White can escape this dream.

Features quick paced obstacle dodging action. Each level's score, as well as your total s ...
Grand ChaseTalesOfDioGrand ChaseTalesOfDio :: complete
by 4Queijos

Neste game, voçê é dio, do famoso game grand chase, e você tem de resgatar seus amigos.
Muito legal, meu primeiro jogo! ;) ...
Silent Space :: Demo v0.1
by RPGCreator

I have begun making a game. This is a short, very short demo we have put together. It's basically a very simple little preview of what is to come. It's been in the works for only a short period anyway, and I think we've made very good progress for th ...
Zombies Arise :: 5.4 DEMO v0.1
by Tyler B

Game Type
Zombie Defence

Producer - Tyler Burt (Now3r3)
Graphics - Tyler Burt(Now3r3)
Testers - Tyler Burt, Bullet9780
Story Line
Zombie' ...
The DarknessThe Darkness
by Ethmiester

Here's a game to keep you all busy while I continue work on The Quest. It's a dark game with three alternate endings. Features beautiful music by TheBenjerman. ...
Mini games Demo
by virmantas2

Play some mini games and see the short scenes. The mini games is 3 tipes to choose. The 1 Quick Battle, 2 survival, 3 misc. Warning there is only 2 short scenes!!! ...
Ship, Captain & Mate
by steelface

Ship, Captain & Mate is a tavern dice game that originated in England. The rules are simple:

1. Players take turns rolling 5 or fewer dice (see below).
2. Each player has three turns to roll a 6 (ship), a 5 (captain), and 4 (mate). When a playe ...
Epic Short Quest
by Justise95

Defeat the boss at the end. Good luck. It is very difficult, but if you have the skill (and luck) you can win. Don't complain, this is an early game made in less than a day, so it's not supposed to be great. ...
My First Game
by Justise95

Just a test to learn the system. You play a character who decides he will destroy the forest's necromancer with his pet slime. The necromancer fights with spiders and zombies, and you are armed with your father's kitchen knife. ...
Brotherhood of FateBrotherhood of Fate
by Nick S F

O mundo foi completamente devastado a séculos e agora poucas pessoas ainda guardam os antigos princípios dos seres humanos.

Brotherhood of fate conta sobre o dia que decidira como terminara a guerra entre as três ultimas sociedades restantes na ...
by thutman

a tool to randomly choose between up to five different items. Originally made because I couldn't decide what game to make, so like any good little nerd, I made a program that could choose for me. This was made in a little under an hour, and really ha ...
Zombie Survival
by virmantas2

This game was created by me the virmantas2. I like games with zombies so I created one. In this game you will be able to chosse a sotory line wich will be coled new game and you will be able to play survival mode with 3 maps. In the next part I will ...
Dimensional RPG v 1.0
by Manicdude

You find yourself in a black void, it asks you some questions, you answer them. Next, you appear in a dark room, the light is ahead of you, there is a man pacing back and forth, maybe you should ask him how you got here and how you can get out.

It ...
Philly Boy Philly Boy
by Sisselpud

This is a simple platformer with 100% custom graphics. It took me about a day and a half but I worked quite hard on it it includes plenty of animations.
This started of as a test for my first platfromer but seems to have turned into it's own game.
Rick Roll\'d (The Adventure RPG)
by evenen

An Adventure Rpg about you, a man in love. your love is a girl named Lyhne. one day, a jealous man, who Lyhne used to love, but grew power hungry, sends his dragon to take back Lyhne from you. you must vanture into his 100 level dungeon to save her. ...
Aar'anoorAar'anoor :: 7.19 Game V. 1.71
by Jegar

A strange world. A place of mystery. Perhaps not quite.

This is a mostly platformer game. My first attempt at a sole platforming experience.

Comments/Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Check the thread every so often for updates on content and ...
Robinioba's Adventures!Robinioba's Adventures! Demo v0.3
by robinioba

One day u wake up and u hear some noice, when u go outside to look the problems start. It's my first game! I have made kinda a story but i am making it way and way better. Just want to show it from now and some suggestions on how to make it from here ...
The Second New World :: Beta Demo
by the15jman

The Second New World

This is a BETA Demo before i say anything, it is not complete and wont be for a while.

The year is 2060, 40 years previous an island is discovered and named Contezvous, though most people call it The Second New World. It fa ...
PongPong Vr 1
by Rico

You've all played it or know of it, I give you Pong.
It doesn't have anything special, if you have any problems pm me, it does (on my computer at least) suffer from a problem beyond my control, I'm trying to fix it but it doesn't hinder playing at ...
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