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Nusis großes AbenteuerNusis großes Abenteuer :: 6.2 Demo v0.10
by Zorc

This game Can be played in english or german.Sorry for the bad english.

This is an very short demo of this sidescroller to see the gameplay. The graphic will bee in a very simple cartoon style.


Y/Z : Use Weapon
X : Item Ability
MyLife RPG :: Never Released
by Wolfmaster


Hello. MyLife RPG is a game where you get to be me! How cool! But Anyways.

Okay, main features:

Different abilities(was originally magic)
Getting switched punishment(For realism, but a little la ...
the wolf man!the wolf man! v1.00
by thedeadlywolf2010

in adark sitiution you turned into awere wolf only one person know what you are.......
you will dicover that you have agreat destiny
the fate of the world depends on you .you must stop the war between the vampire and were the end you ...
Aniplamoxium -R E M A D E-Aniplamoxium -R E M A D E- :: 8.25 Version 1
by manomomma

It's back!

001's first ever Tycoon game...

The Game:
5 years ago (Jan/12/2344). One research team landed on Ploxima to inspect the newly discovered planet. The element Aniplamoxium (An) was discovered. Aniplamoxium is a lightwe ...
Unreal TournamentUnreal Tournament Demo v0.1
by Minimum-Blood

Youve Entered A Year Of 2091 Where The Goverment Is Too Week To Take Care Of The Criminals In The City. So They Gathered All Them Up And Placed Them In A Competition.You Are One Of Them.Your Strength Is Legendary! Use That Strength To Win The Tournam ...
Ghostly RpgGhostly Rpg Demo 1/4
by Pablo mpg

You are Ghostly. Your Parents have told you all about some mystic land of wonder. You have set off to get whatever this land of wonder may offer. there is only one problem. They Lied...

Features costom sprites and music


AbandonedAbandoned :: 8.14 Full Game V.90
by Jegar

On a Barren Planet known as Rine II in the Artemis Tau Sector a new research base and possible future colony have been set up. You joined the enlistment for the USP (United Space Program) and have been given a job on this new base. The first few days ...
Odin's Shadow Demo v0.1
by tuliron

Odin (a demonic trickster) has stolen people away from their homes. And has brought them to his realm. Filled with zombies, monsters, and freaks of nature. Odin's goal is to eliminate the human race, one human at a time. Each human he slays, the stro ...
red night :: developing
by thereaper98

you are at a party at your house with your friends but one of em came very sick an pale you decide to let him rest in your bed when you and two friends go to check on him hes siting up on the bed blood driping from his face and he attacks one of your ...
Rico's Adventure :: 7.14
by Rico

When Harybac Kingdom is in trouble only one can save it, Slutman.
In this action packed sidescroller you will embark on the incredible journey as you take down the evil demons plagueing Harybac Kingdom.

In this demo no fluid motion is present you ...
c0mpl3t3 MAYHEM!c0mpl3t3 MAYHEM! Terminated
by gabriel191

complete MAYHEM!(the C is lowercase) is a game about a government female agent, Tess Malaquias (pronounces "mehlkeyes") that was kidnapped by Maron A. Strumble (A for Anything) that wants to take over the world. To fight him (actually, annoy) you mus ...
Pokemon Lightning YellowPokemon Lightning Yellow Demo v0.4
by labtek9

A Pokemon game very basic has sort of a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon feel. This game is the biggest Pokemon game on Engine and it is still in progress for more info and the forums go to

(Removed link due to games section rules.) ...
Strange Awakenings (Up D a t e d!)Strange Awakenings (Up D a t e d!) v1.1
by Rickshaw6000

You Awaken to find your self in a strange place, and you have no idea as to who you are or how you got there. You start your quest to find out who you are.

Setting: Medieval times, Fantasy

Features: Side quests
Hidd ...
JC2 Mini
by antoinepumba

Le nouveau volet des aventures de Rico Rodriguez, Just Cause 2 ne se déroule pas sur l'île de San Esperito comme la version précédente mais dans un nouveau territoire. Il s'agit encore d'une île tropicale mais cette fois dans le sud-est asiatiq ...
Killing Bill: A Hero is Born Demo V0.2
by killing bill

They came to kill and not to save only a few survived. A hero was Born 25 years before the great massacre his name was killing bill!!!

play through worlds of elements and creators. Travil from world to world and become the legend.

Do you have w ...
Rob the BankRob the Bank
by Rickshaw6000

You are a Criminal, and the objective of the game is to rob a bank. this is my second game and is very slightly better than the first. (This game sucks!) I want you to know that my third game will be mush MUCH better. ******************************* ...
The Mall MassacreThe Mall Massacre
by Rickshaw6000

You are a mass murderer who has become bored, therefore you have decided to take hold of you favorite weapon, the crowbar and head toward the mall. Along the way you mow down a few pedestrians and then exit your car at your destination. Then you com ...
[Lead][Lead] Teaser
by Redemption

You were shot and left for dead by a NA7 soldier when you were only 12, you almost slipped into a coma, a month later you got better, but you forgot your name,you then went by the name Lexter. A month later you turned 13. At 14, your best friend was ...
Dementia Praecox :: Information.
by Rohan15

It's hard coming up with a description for an adventure game like this. Well, let's see what I can do...
This will be the most disturbing, haunting game to date (Hopefully =D ) made with Engine001. This game will be using an original, mature, dark s ...
Injustiças :: Demo 1.2
by nnmdeveloper


Miguel era um policial de Santiago que vivia sozinho numa casa não muito boa, possuia muitos buracos que levavam a chuva para dentro de sua casa, ele ganhava pouco mais conseguia se sustentar, conseguia se manter vivo dentro de casa co ...
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