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Valley of Angels Valley of Angels Updated Demo
by Izoe

Can I please just say onething for myself. I want you to know. I make games, not for the graphics. Or for the Animations. But for the Gameplay and storyline. So if you say you do not like how I use so much defualt. Well I will not reply. Thats just s ...
(404)The sea of soulsThe sea of souls demo v.01
by ace3000149

Your village was attacked by an unknown group. you hide under your bed where you see your parents slaughtered right in front of your eyes, and as you grow up you remember what happened to your parents. Whenever you sleep you have dream of that one ev ...
Beyond the DeepsBeyond the Deeps
by Izoe

Beyond the Deeps will be a sequal to Valley of Angels (If it is a sucsess) At this moment in time there is no further infomation about how I am going to get on, and if I am even going to stay with 001.

Beyond the Deeps is all about Ofrien, making ...
(404)Hybrid Factor - Black RoseHybrid Factor - Black Rose :: 6.17 Demo V0.01b
by fdu5526

- In the future, Earth suffered an intense natural disaster that covered the sky with ashes, lowering the global temperature, and caused a subsequent world war. From this chaos, the superstate Eastannia rose, and dominated the global economy w ...
Psychotic Psychotic :: 6.33 Demo V 1.0
by RPGking

"a man can only be pushed so far until he breaks"

You have been locked up for 6 years in the state Asylum. You have been locked up for a crime you didn't commit...

The night is cold and bitter, as always the scragly silhouettes of the trees swa ...
KYC 2 Escape The NightmareKYC 2 Escape The Nightmare :: 6.75 Demo V2
by Ammohead

You were sneaking around in the lab in the Arizona dessert. You came upon some scientist playing with plasma and a new kind of element called, PH2. Plasma Hydrogen 2. During this they created a deadly gas that gave creatures extraordinary abilities. ...
Nazi zombie
by Joshua8128

THis is a fast pace game of call of duty 5: nazi zombie mini game, and this is only the demo. In order to play and beat it, you need to have the controls mastered ...
Vault 24
by LostReaper666

You and the others have survived the nuclear holocaust from the Great War. The bombs fell on october 23, 2077. 20 years later in vault 24, a group of rebles want to leave the vault. This is where you come in, you can side with the overseer or join th ...
Gta 5 :: 5.45 Demo v2
by Luke2172

This is Gta 5. you play as nick a man in his mid 20's with a troubled past.nick has to make money and do jobs to survive in the world.

features so far

* A loan system so if you find a loan card you can get a loan

* 3 main maps which you can ...
~The Rangers of Glidien~~The Rangers of Glidien~ Version 1.0
by JJ1009

Its more of an opening to the game then a game itself for the moment. It is an action RPG, with a deep storyline. I did not create this, my brother made it.

You are Will, an orphan who must find his destiny and defeat evil!


In th ...
Dark Planet Demo V1
by dragon keyblade

You Are Captian Kai Len Of the Space Protection and Exploring Department (SPED). You have just come out of cyro-stasis and you remember nothing. A few hours after you visit the General the Complete Bomer (CB) You where on crashes.
------------------ ...
The Kingdom RPG V1
by The Kingdom - INC

The controls are simple. the rest is controled by you! Live a life. work are the Mkfries store or the police station. get a new house. fish (2 spots). walk in the park.

fishing (5 spots). New houses. New people. go fishing ...
Rog The GameRog The Game v3.5
by roggames

Esse é o jogo do Rog.Como vocês que ainda não conhecem a história eu vou contar um pouco dela.Era uma vez nos anos de 1200 a.C. existia um deus chamado Rog.Muitos desejavam seu poder mas só havia um jeito de conseguir,matando-o.Um dia ...
~Dungeon Crawler~RPG ~Dungeon Crawler~RPG :: 5.6 BETA V2.6
by JJ1009

~Updates V2.6~
-Bugs fixed
-Storyline tweaked

Smaller things I hav'nt added to the list...

~Characters + Discription~

Lord Fius( or Lord Figgypants)
Evil Lord of the southern half of the world of Monteva. His enemies mock him for him bei ...
Danger Zone v1.4
by LeeB

My new game is here!Enter the Danger Zone
and face the aliens.Story:Your brother has been kidnapped and you need to rescue him.
Happy Playing!

LeeB ...
(404)RoyalRoyal v1.1 demo
by CalLuz710

-Custom Resources
-Recently edited maps and added more detail
-New HUD recently added

Save the king after he is taken by a demon. Travel to the demons lair to kill the demon and get back the king. ...
GTA California Demo v1.2
by LeeB

This is my newest game and its a game set in california. I know its not very california style but I just could not think of a name so I named it randomly.
Stat Increase - Warrior
Start with $100000000 - Richman
All melee Weapons - starwar ...
Johnnys WorldJohnnys World Demo v1.1
by LeeB

This is my fourth game.Its about a teenage boy called Johnny who lives his life alone. He can now handle guns so that means he can fight terroists and save the world! ...
Just Another Life GameJust Another Life Game :: Demo 5
by Skudgemuffin

JALG is an open sandbox game, where you have the freedom to do whatever you want in a giant city where every building is enterable. Get a job and get promoted-become a decent living citizen; or get a gun and mug every person on the street you see.

Ultimate Challenge The Wizard of Jubucks
by KillerNerdZoraculus

You are Houzuki, Houzuki Gruco, you are 22 years old, you live in quiet island called "Jubucks" and now you are aged suficient to begin the "Elemental Training" so you can be a true Warrior of Jubucks, as time passes you learn everything o ...
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