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The world of the weird
by scdpictures

We made this... This is our first game... But I think everybody will love it!!! We started by making the almost nude store owner.... Then we started making more intresting things like... gangs, the sky, and a gay guy!!!! ...
Life as a KidLife as a Kid :: Unreleased
by C0c1


This game is all about being a kid. Did you ever have the urge to do somthing really bad as a kid? Or wanted to do better? Well now is your chance. This game will allow you to tak control of a virtual you and do what a kid could what a kid c ...
MiniGames Island
by gamemakers

A Island Of Differnt Kind Of MiniGames!!! There Might Be A Few Errors Though!!

This Game Contains:

4 Differnt MiniGames

SaveAble Game

MoveAble Charater

One Hard Mode Game ...
Theresa's Gamev2 Demo V1
by esorath

This game is made theresa, my gf
its just a few maps with only 1 other character in the game- thats about it
the whole map will be rather large but its a working progress
im just adding it to help out my gf during christmas rbeak
HTEH - How To Escape Home! Part 1
by gamemakers

Your a little boy and you have been grounded and you heard that your best friends birthday party is coming up! You escape home but then it doesnt turn out how you would of thought... ...
Ultra Pooh Piggy :: 1.4
by ButchersGames

its cool its very hard i suk at it and its my very first games thanks.. And its very very very weird. But Fun! You are a pig and you taslk to your farmer and stuff. Hope you win because i can't. ...
St.Prision Escape Full Game
by gamemakers

Easy game to play. Bit like Saints Row 2 but obviously its not better! Full insturctions Coming soon! Now heres the gaming desc:

Your a young lad in 2010 in prision for commeting murder to a gang called HomeCone's! You take down the police stati ...
The First Scene of The Brass Wall
by chrisahrbeck

While not an actual game, this is created using Engine001. It’s based on a book called The Brass Wall. It’s an animation of the first scene, where one of the fire chiefs dies. Press enter to continue the dialogue. ...
Moderation :: 6.79
by Deedasmi

Custom weapon graphics (was very hard for me)
Many people
An ultimate quest
Custom Death effect (really cool)

Play as me, deedasmi, and have fun!

(it took much longer then nevonna, so dont worry, its cooler :)) ...
random crazy people attacking each other v 1
by chesse20

um your a slime that has hired body guards to protect you from the random people that are angry becasuse there is a strange red fog and their favorite color is pink. ...
Zombie PlanetZombie Planet :: Coming soon
by Sr_Misterio

Unfortunately the English version will be launched in the coming year, but I will speak the history of the game.

In 2035 nothing has changed, only one thing, a deadly virus was created to be a nuclear bomb but the experiment went wrong, the virus ...
(404)RelicRelic :: 7.8 Demo 2
by priest865

Zombies attacked the castle, where you seeked refuge. You and some Soldiers were able to escape, but the commander of the soldiers sends you to rescue the bishop from the castle.

Level up:
Use the Character sheet to learn skills.
The Bloodmage ...
by Scoobywise

QUEST THE MAZE RPG ADVENTURES 2 is comming soon it will be awsome!!!

Game Will Contain

-14 Levels
-Wolf Men
-Real Like Eniornment
rundown :: 1.44 demo v.4
by demented_games

,a man goes home to find that his family has been murdered by some guy you have to go throught cops,gangs,and drug dealers just to find the guy who killed his family
new features-
first storyline mission
even bigger town
and more

sorry it too ...
(404)Night Night :: 7.13 Demo v0.2
by Bruno coelho

Este game eh a minha melhor prducao. ele se passa em uma cidade chamada San Gnard,onde voce controla um homem simples chamado Diego.


no cemiterio da catedral de San Gnard,dois homens entram no meio da madrugada para enterrar um ...
Shaleton Demo V1.7
by Cameronx1

Newest Shaleton Demo, alot more playable with tons of new features, maps are more full and enemys spawn at a good rate so you never run out of stuff to fight, have fun and please rate. ...
Mega stupid land :: 1 Demo 1/2
by Pablo mpg

you are Stick you live peacefull on your island but humans have entered and brought some weird creatures fight for your island back the fat overlords may not like that.... ...
Bioshock RPGBioshock RPG :: 4.13 test map
by deadlyvirus

Story: so it looks like you saved the little sisters but that doesnt matter to you anymore you need to get out of this underwater city. You can't take it anymore.

- RPG elements
- Different magic than the original bioshock
- Advanced ...
Mystery At Dead End Block :: 3.14 Version 3.0
by Wolfmaster


Since no one has ever made a mystery before, I decided to make one. Okay, at the beginning, you are going to an air port to catch a flight to a hotel that you will stay at for a week. But when you get there, there is blood all o ...
(404)Operation InvadeOperation Invade
by Luigibomb

A fun little action game that takes 5-15 minutes
Nice amount of weapons
Credit to me
Credit to resources made by other people which are featured in this game
Difficulty: 5-6 ...
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