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Cantrel: Chorus Of SoulsCantrel: Chorus Of Souls :: 6.94 Demo1
by evergreen


CCOS is a fantisy RPG, similar to Final Fantasy and Grandia, where you get to choose your characters sex, name and element.

Reasorces are 50% made by me, 25% Ripped and 25% Standard

Thousands of years ago there ...
The AssasinThe Assasin :: 6.34 1.2 Exclusive
by adib2008

THE ASSASIN V.1.2 Exclusive

This game takes you to the live of Bruce, an assasin. He just run from the Las Vegas's polices and arrive at a dark city controlled by gangs like Mafia, Triads and Diablo, the one and only Justice City. His friend Micha ...
Joe The StickMan :: 6.73
by Scuddle

An Awesome Game about a stick Man Named JOE. Simple and addicting.
Described in two words.
"Hella-Awesome" Training to be funky Joe Must battle StickMen Snipers Bosses Zombies Parasitic Monsters Lizardous Monsters and other creatures. Go to my web ...
Paint And BloodPaint And Blood Demo v1
by tracelight24

This is the first demo of Paint and Blood. This includes only the first mission where you destroy communications for the Federal guard.

The game is about a man named Silver (you). Its the year 2094 and the world broke into Chaos. A global ...
Welcome to Tutorial IslandWelcome to Tutorial Island :: 4.8 Demo V1
by tracelight24

... This is only the demo, but should be functional and give you a glance at the gameplay and storyline. Please comment in the forums, thanks.

And now... for the plot! - - -

One day you find yourself bored at your house and realize the phones ...
Forgotten SoulsForgotten Souls :: 3 Demo v0.1
by wildcard68

just tell me what u think of this so far. Derek Djzoon(Djzoon for short)is training to be a wizard and a warrior. until a teacher betrays him and tries to kill him. he fails. he wakes up 20 years later. his hometown is way different. this is only a ...
Lost ThroneLost Throne
by nate

You are a man living in the town of Ernendale. Life is good. But one night you wake up to see your village on fire, the people dead, and the king to be missing. You escape the death of your hometown, but are followed by the evil Thorn Army. Now it's ...
Life of a murderer
by Jizarchi

You play the role of a vampire in a medievil style place travel the land defeating foes humans and trampling over all kinds of creatures help your friends defeat hordes of alliances humans sludge skeletons level up and smite the enemy with a serries ...
The Cold Dungeon
by tracelight24

This is a game I worked really hard on.
Please comment in threads and rate!


You wake up in Castle Hart, where you have been scheduled to talk with the King, where you will mostly likely be-beheaded. All of this because you slept with ...
Codelist .2 CENSCORED
by chickenburro

This is a carbon copy of Codelist, except with no swearing, sexual references, or death. I replaced all the bad words with more appropriate phrases and words. Like, "sunshine" or "rainbows". Anyways, enjpy! ...
Codelist .2Codelist .2 :: 5.67 Demo v .2
by chickenburro

So basiclly this is a demo for a fun, intersting game. The demo is just a small glimpse into the finished game. This game contains strong language, sexual themes, violence, and drug references. I hope you all enjoy this, I've been working very hard. ...
(404)shoruto legendshoruto legend
by derminor

this game hapend in one old japtown a pacefull place but one day the herika clan atack the village and kill your family u are shoruto a 17 years guy one enemy see you in the bushes and when he try to kill u one bolt hit him u are saved for a extrange ...
Silver soldierSilver soldier
by gamez

You wake up and find yourself in a cell only to remember that you are a cyborg and that you have an urge for freedom you will be equipped with a machine-gun arm from the start and with exp you can later on upgrade the speed of your gun and even get m ...
Resident Evil :: 4.67
by Conker001

History: A person name conker win a new house , when he go to the house he find a detroyed house with zombies ghosts and demons, now Conker discover that the seller, dont want ti kill conker, conker have to escape, with the seller, but the seller wil ...
Cantrel: The City Of Disciples
by evergreen



I cant revel to must about Kaydors past, as it would spoil some of the twists in the story line, but after some sort of axiedent you live with a wood chopper call Chris and his son Hiro. after you relise you ...
Goldeneye Covicted Agent
by ControlFreak82

(NEW)I created this game that feat. James Bond Copyright. You start out that you where sneaking into a BadPapa Restuarant and the bad guy caught you trying to get back the $15,000 they stole so they shot you with a tranq. dart and you wake up in the ...
Dual ChaosDual Chaos :: Demo v1.0
by Ryozo

Dual Chaos
You may have read the description in the forum, but the game's plot has changed.
Read below. I will soon upload a demo, but it will be a while before I finish the real thing.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...
Hobo: the video game Hobo: the video game :: 4.32 Demo version 1.1
by C0c1

You play Hobo Bill you have no family no life living on rags in the worst city in America in a cardbord box. But you have had enough! Now your goal is to be the richest man ever. unfortuantly for hobo bill that will have to wait. This is a small demo ...
Battle RealmsBattle Realms :: 6.93 v1
by Fuzz

You are Renault a man that is good with a blade. The demo only contains the first quest but features lots of big battles. At the start your village is under attack and you must defeat the invaders. I hope you play it. The full version will contain lo ...
Chibi Investigator
by Scuddle

Okuro MataIchi (You) an Ops Agent, (Ops:one of the two last countries) on a simple mission to rescue a fellow agent, Kuto. But when he has to fight ninjas soldiers and his own brothers this mission goes haywire. ...
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