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zombie attack :: 6.2 demo
by noobslayer330

this is a game i made when i first got 001. so if it is bad dont worry because it is only a demo. the game is about a city guy caught in the middle of a zombie attack. his quest is to track down the devil king to end it all. ...
The Shadow Guild :: 5.18 new update!
by zeblek

ok this is my new game,the game starts in a prison where you been captured,but suddenly a mage comes up and helps you out of the prison after a while he wants you to join the shadow guild,
this game is must about making right moves becouse doing a w ...
RpgOneRpgOne :: Demo 1
by evergreen

my first attempt at a game

has some custom reasorses

Story line:
When your friend ryan is found to have been attacked and in a coma, you and two others set off to find a cure and to find the culprit, but not everything goes to plan- you end up ...
Logans AdventuresLogans Adventures
by loganjgwood

You Are A 23 Year Old Man Named Logan. He Lives With His 2 Friends Eric Kline And Nathan Strange. Nathan And Logan Owe Eric Rent At The Apartment They Live In. Nathan Wants Logan To Run Away With Him To A Big City Next To Their Town So That They Won' ...
MAD :: v1.1
by AMV_Ph34r

This is a game actually based off a topic in a forums website called Anime Remix. The topic was basically a huge war. I decided to make a game from it. It's not finished yet, but I'm hoping to have it done in a couple months.

Description: You play ...
Apacalypse :: 4.17 (Complete)
by Yodawg

You are Henry Wells a retired detective who embarks on a epic adventure! This is my first game so it might kinda suck, I am currently working on a much better game that will take me up to 5 years. But for now, enjoy! ...
Hill EdgeHill Edge :: 6.54 Finished Map
by hero_bash

A very short map with no gameplay.
Submitted for a mapping contest.

Kan Gao / Reives - Music
hero_bash - everything else

graphic resources are ripped and not original by me... ...
DarkLaboratory- killer of the causeDarkLaboratory- killer of the cause :: 6.75 demo v1.1
by cats11112

I have decided to make a continuation from leafland and fireline, i know they were both made a year ago but who cares!

okay basic plot: you take home the one armed devils head for victory, when you find out something about him, you then realise th ...
by Crissim

In the light kingdom, everything is in peace. Until, Burn, The king of the Black Land's kingdom abducted the king from the Light Realms daughter, Jessie. The official wizard Wezon, told the king to recruit you, to save the kings daughter.

Then a d ...
Tha Zombie DudeTha Zombie Dude :: 5.73
by Ixayou

Unlike all the other zombie invation action games, here the humans are the enemies. Jason, the main character, was killed by an unknown man and became a zombie. Now he wants revenge.

This is my first game, so don't be suprised if you find some gl ...
LeafLand- a dip in timeLeafLand- a dip in time :: 7.4
by cats11112

Leafland is the next in the series from fireline. Cats11112 defeated the one armed devils in fireline but some people get sent back in time including you! it is now your mission to get back to you own time and deafeat whatever has sent you back. you ...
Fireline- The killer of the demon Fireline- The killer of the demon :: 5.4
by cats11112

Zombies have been invading the earth for some time now, they have the power of the fireline. it is your mission to find out what it is and use this secret weapon. But you then realise that it isn't just zombies you have got to worry about....

(thi ...
WaveDefense :: 3 FULLYfixedFINAL
by Hiko

It's a pretty big download due to the music mainly, You basically fight waves, and then soon set off to kill commanders in Epic defense mission, Car driving through enemy territory, and amazing stand offs in enemy bases.
A must try.
(including many ...
Max Sniper :: 5.29
by tracelight24

This is a new game (demo) that i made that has 2 missions. It has dialogue and a pretty good plot. There are cheats and some secret weapons. Have fun and please please PLEASE rate. Thanks!

P.S. There is a cheat that makes you naked. B ...
Wolfgar the Hunter (info)Wolfgar the Hunter (info)
by AlphaLycan

Wolfgar (you) has dreams of becoming the world's greatest monster hunter! But he can't do that until a full version is made. I just started today, and I have finished a small town in a few ours, so it wont be to long.

Full features will include... ...
GTA Joyride :: Constructing...
by hero_bash

The story takes place in Anywhere City, a place set on the East.
Claude Speed returns to Anywhere City where an ambush occurred which resulted to his lost of memories.
After waking up with nothing but his name and his map, he sets out to once again ...
Simmen :: 5.33 demo (0.001)
by Lucar

You play as an artificial organism (fake person) created by a Genius professor. Though some of the organisms have better ideas than just having a normal life... so you arn't going to have one either!

Though you do have to take care of the bad guys ...
Time War
by Warlick

You are a part of the Black Army. It is in shambles. You must help stem the invasion of the Green Army. Includes commanding troops, killing, weird weapons and of course the famous Ren Marley(You). ...
The impossible spy
by speed12548

You are a spy for the FBI. It is a inpossible mission to a normal spy but you were highly trained in all aspects. Finish the mission and win the game. ...
Kudos Knight :: 5.25 Demo V2
by drakez

You are a knight when you suddenly find yourself in Kudos. The king was going to plan an attack, but he changed his mind. Maybe he shouldn't have. He needed stronger allies, and you're one of them. Hector, the king's brother who everybody has forgott ...
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