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Scary Castle ZombieScary Castle Zombie :: 6.64
by Novaton

You find yourself in a forest. And all of a sudden, you have to deal with a bunch of zombies. This was uploaded by Mike, on behalf of Novation. This game is indeed the first good zombie game 001 had seen on its original release November 26, 2006. ...
War of Colors!
by nogard64

I am working on a new game where you are a mercenary working for the Shadow Organization a group of mercenaries for hire your name is Fang you start out in your cabin in the mountains. There are 3 sides EurAsia-Green, America-Blue and, Japan-Red but ...
TCOE 1 Eye of the Dragon
by WelshDogg10

The same as last time, this game takes Erik and Jake as they crash on bermuda triangle, and you must help them escape FULL GAME COMING SOON 2008 Copyright The Chronicles of Extremos: Eye of the Dragon ...
Poe city two
by poepoe

Poe city two is the sequal to the simpley understood poe city. Much like the first one go around and do whatever you want. But this time its much better, for example you set your own objectives! ...
Poe city :: 5.17
by poepoe

A short game, in wich you are a guy and you can do anything, there isnt a plot... but there is a boss and to get there there are things you need to do! I will not reveal them, the cheat for those that want to know is 1337! ...
Spy game Demo 1-2 levels
by rob2021

This game is about a spy whos mission is to kill enemys using stealthy tactics you get a knife pistail silencer enemy disguise and normal cloths the game is going pretty good in about 3 months it should be done ...
Voowist GTAVoowist GTA :: 3.43 FIRST DEMO
by voowist

This is a UNCOMPLEAT (v.00.1) I only started it 30th April. I am working really hard on it and it may take time to compleat.
Please note that this isnt compleat and will take time to finnish.
Zombie Challenge :: 5.71
by tracelight24

This of course, is a zombie themed game. Complete with 3 bosses and 9 levels, it includes almost all the engine001 standard weapons. Yes, 9 levels isn't a super long game, but its quality not quantity. And the third boss is really hard :). Please rat ...
200vs10200vs10 :: 5.13 First level
by rob2021

You play as a Spartan with 10 other of your soldiers you have the highest ranking armor and weapons together you must fight aginst 200 skeltons and the skelton general having the most hp and defence you are a trained warrior spartan fight till death! ...
Noah's ArkNoah's Ark :: Work in progress
by Lord Cohliani

Day 1: It has been raining for months now. It's starting to flood. I've stockpiled enough food, water, and weapons to last years. We'll live in the basement until it's over. Luckily it's watertight. I don't know what's going on... ...
Warrior RPG :: 5.4
by tracelight24

This is sort of like a draft to a full length game I might create sometime in the future, but for now, enjoy.

Sorry for any bugs etc. I'm not an expert Eng001 user. Post any comments, suggestions, or errors, please.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** * ...
Road of YulenRoad of Yulen :: 5.4 Demo 1.15
by z3louco2

"At some time ago, the four best knights of the realm had killed the evil. The first knight and the king died. The knight named Franco, became the king. The knight Lothern got the ancient sword Xinus, a very powerful weapon. The knight named Quentin, ...
InvasionInvasion :: 4.71
by jmy1996

Basically a RPG, no story mode sorry. Pretty fun so try it, you can do basically anything. I am not going to spoil the game so no in-depth description. ...
Nevonna :: 6.24
by Deedasmi

Great music, good humer, A blue axe, and a white man, and a famous song, what more do you need?

Dont want to give away the all the fetures, So you can play and find them yourself. PM me things you think I should add to this post ...
End Of Days
by HaHa3000

End Of Days is about Thutar, the hero of this adventure. The game starts out as Thutar joining the Alliance to help with the war with the coalition. The Alliance faces unholy enemies however, zombies and demons and occultists will stand in the ay of ...
Grand Theft 001
by Leeman2021

You are a man(or girl you choose)this game is just like gta. you have guns, bars, food, missions, side missions, Good AI, real songs by bands, car radios, maps, One HUGE map for the whole town, 3 HUGE maps(1 after you beat ALL the missions side missi ...
by jayman03

you are a man that leaves his home and 5 years from that he returns home to find that his town has gone to hell with drugs and gangs can you end it... ...
by GeneralGuy

You are a common soldier in the IDS military branch. You procede though ranks while completing side quests and story line chapters. It will be a long game with a ton of bonus missions after you complete the main story. It also has a ton of costom rec ...
GuerrilasGuerrilas :: 7.53 Demo
by Neto

Demo version of Guerrilas.

A game about the life of poor british guy living on the streets of somewhere in Mexico. Learning how to deal with crime, drugs, dealers, violence and stuff like that.

The playing style is similar to the GTA(c) and ...
Alamo TurtleAlamo Turtle :: 7.38
by nihoaa

This is a minigame collection where you play as a cartoon turtle. There are a total of 3 games to play. I know it is short, but it is still pretty fun. ...
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