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Nazi zombie
by Joshua8128

THis is a fast pace game of call of duty 5: nazi zombie mini game, and this is only the demo. In order to play and beat it, you need to have the controls mastered ...
Play room
by Joshua8128

Drive a plane, or car. Shoot dummies with all of the weapons. This is really just for training yor 001 gammining skill. Your choice, guns, or vehilcles. This is a basic game that I ade in 5 minutes, but if you wanted could be played for hours! It is ...
War Zone demo
by Joshua8128

You are in a town. BOOOOOOOOM! Some one next to you is dead! You see a guard! You ask him something and he gives you a scroll for the Head of guards. He is at the end. Go through 6 maps of guns and with only 3 brakes; at the beggining, at the middle, ...