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Some random guy :d.e.m.o:
by anthonym23

This is just a demo don't expect much from since its a updated version of sample. It has: Soulja boy music! Woot! Ask the soulja boy near the building of skeletons! ...
the life of a cop 1.0v
by anthonym23

How the cops does his life by. there will be a 2.0v by the way. no cheats. So get down and boogey with this awesome fine game has the mafia, thugs, people, quests, later maybe a turkey because i get bored. ...
by anthonym23

You a lonely slave who has worked hard dreaming of freedom to some lazy warriors. After becoming the strongest a dragon attacks and due to everyone being scared (and lazy) they choose you to go and kill it.


-Many quests
-Demo leve ...