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CASH - Gotcha
by gabriel191

(back in the game business... omg)
You are Tommy "Crasher" Smith Cash, whose brother is a rich homosexual. Crasher is homophobic and thus, wants his brother down. But wait! It's not that simple. Since 2004(game takes place in realtime), Crasher was ...
c0mpl3t3 MAYHEM!c0mpl3t3 MAYHEM! Terminated
by gabriel191

complete MAYHEM!(the C is lowercase) is a game about a government female agent, Tess Malaquias (pronounces "mehlkeyes") that was kidnapped by Maron A. Strumble (A for Anything) that wants to take over the world. To fight him (actually, annoy) you mus ...
Cleage's LawCleage's Law Final
by gabriel191

My first game, Also, the mostly original one.

The name "Cleage's Law" is an anagram for "Eagle's Claw".

WASD - Move
Ctrl - Attack
Shft - Jump
Spce - Magic(NYI)

Cheat Code System

This game was terminated (literally, ...