'Farming Happy 3D' BR/EG

by Midnight (PM)

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Game Description

Farming Happy 3D Version 1.3

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I'm working on this game is 4 Months, The Game I want everything to come out perfect, like that I want everyone to like, And A fun game, Is addictive!

*(some translations still in Portuguese) to be translated into English*

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Cube Games

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Released: May 18, 2013, 9:19
Total downloads: 480.
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aik: inacretitavel exelente game

Odine: Oh man this game is really good and very well made, Really fun too! Congratulations for ur hard work! =)

DanielQP: Original é a palavra pra esse game.

habtolol: Very good, very creative, but it's funny they are Square

Mitz_2140: very good work. just saying, maybe get another member over here to do the sprites... just saying, the dog looks slightly awkward. but still amazing work!

Grisson: Realmente é uma ideia muito original e tambem muito intuitiva,mas o game peca em varios aspectos que não deveria nem se quer falhar. Mas é um bom game apesar disso ^_^