Adam's Hell

by Derminore (PM)

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Game Language: English
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Game Description

the story begins on 2001 inside the top-secret facility on new mexico.
you are Nichols an area security boss who wake up after a security computer explode on his face.
when he wakes up he notice that the hole base is a death hole and he only gonna survive saving the survivors he find on the way.
Adam a kid of 12 YO is the guilty in this mess...or you think so at least...this is a veeeery short demo it have no missions because is only to show you a little bit of the story and i am still working on a menu of course in the real game you don't gonna follow an straight path and you don't gonna escape that easy from the base. hope you like the idea of the survivors who give you stuff or let you reach special areas if you keep them alive. i kno is too easy but latter on i will add quests in wich you have to choice betwin your survivors xD hope you like it

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