Advanced Warfare :: In the Making

by Redemption (PM)

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Game Language: English
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Game Description

The Infection has spread...
It is 2184.
Will you be the savior?
You are in the IHS, Infected Hostility Squad. You are in the A4 squadron, one of the land assualt groups. From being landed in Biggs City to eleminate the infecties. Turns into an all up front onslaught of infecteds, when your squad's helicopter get's desetroyed.
Join the IHS in Advanced Warfare.
~Burst Weapons with only one click!
~Custom HUD!
~Custom Weapons such as: A4's A6's A9's A12's!
~5+ Custom Zombies!
~Custom Music!
~50+ Awesome Monster, Zombie and Gun SFX!
~15+ Voiceovers!
~20+ Maps!
~*NEW* Infection Meter (When it hits full bar from being around infecties you get infected)
~*NEW* Power Bar (Goes down when not resting till death)

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