Adventure World :: Demo V1.5

by scream1995 (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
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Game Description

Current Version: Demo V1.5 (NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED)

Adventure World is a new open world game that enables the player to customize a character; many options are available from being a Warrior to a Mage. The player gets to pick a unique name and look. You must navigate and fight your way through this feature-filled Open-World RPG.
Why not take a look at this unique and well designed game.
The game is currently not released outside of Demo.


- The Raft may now take you to your house (See below).
- In Sanlow village, there is currently a ladder leading underground to the new mini-game, Wonder Maze. This is only available for this update (See Below).
- Many issues around doors opening without keys, or not being able to pass the save door has been fixed.
- Monsters at Spooky Manor have been made more powerful.
- Monsters in the Arena have been made more powerful.
- Fixes with some actors remaining after a fade have been fixed.
- Plus Many more minor things.

Rafts are a new feature added into 'Adventure World' which is used to travel around the map for a low price of 5 Gold. Currently, the raft system is only able to take demo players to their home island.

Home island is a new feature that is available for demo members. Any raft dock can take you to the Island, where you can build and upgrade your home and chop down trees to receive logs. Logs can then be sold to any vendor in the world or be used to create pathways across water (on the island). The island is monster free and acts as a safe haven.

Wonder Mazes is a new mini-game in Adventure World. The mini-game places the player in one of three random locations in a maze. The player must then guide through the maze and locate the event leader 3 times before completing it. If the player chooses to leave before completig the maze, then they must simply head to the front of the maze to leave. This is a non-combat mini-game which offers rewards upon completion. Demo players can only participate in one of the mazes currently (the House maze). This mini-game will only be available for this update only.

Wizards are still not playable in this demo, however there are plans to allow wizards to be playable in the demo at a later date.
Currently, they are being tested and checked for equipment issues and spell issues. More spells are to be added for Wizards before public play-ability.

Rangers are currently not playable in the demo. Rangers are still to be determined whether or not they are going to be playable in the demo. They have all the bows in the game, however checks on stats and difficulty in game still being determined.

Thanks for checking out the game!
Be sure to leave some feedback to help me make improvements! :)

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Released: June 26, 2016, 8:24
Total downloads: 81.
Users downloaded: 61

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CRANIOS GAMES: Vai ficar muito bom.ótimo rpg com quests bem legais um modo de jogar mais linear mesmo em mundo aberto bem divertido.espero que no futuro venha a ter inimigos mais poderosos.