Aniplamoxium -R E M A D E- :: Version 1

by manomomma (PM)

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Game Description

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It's back!

001's first ever Tycoon game...

The Game:
5 years ago (Jan/12/2344). One research team landed on Ploxima to inspect the newly discovered planet. The element Aniplamoxium (An) was discovered. Aniplamoxium is a lightweight aqua blue rock. A special research team and an ERA (Experimental Radioactive Association) team studied and analyzed the new element. Soon the team found out that the energy stored in the Aniplamoxium atoms are full of electrons and have more power then any known substance! The teams was astounded by this discovery and! And so a development team started on the first ever Aniplamoxium fueled power generator. On Sep/21/2346 the generator was complete. On 28th they fueled the generator with 1 pound of Aniplamoxium and left it running as an experiment...

It powered down on June/20/2348...

2 year...

The generator ran on 1 pound of Aniplamoxium for 2 year.
That’s 128% more powerful then Uranium!

So this is where you come in...
Your goal, mine for the precious aniplamoxium and make MILLIONS.

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Released: September 7, 2010, 16:39
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patatoface: really nice, but it could be harder in my opinion, 8

metomunc: Really like the economic aspect of it. And the graphics rock!