Blood Curse

by 2dark4light (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
This game contains Alcohol, Violence, Blood, Gore, Mature or Offensive Language, Mature or Crude Humor.

Game Description

Fantasy action adventure!
one year after a horrible war, Drewth, the legendary knight that ended the war by slaying the tyrannical wizard that instigated it, was forgotten to the world. He spent that one year in solitude studying magic to understand and undue the wretched immortal state he was rendered into. His horrible dark sword remained untouched at his side since, and perhaps forevermore.

a girl seeks out Drewth as the only capable fighter to take on a mysterious curse. Drewth , though bereft of emotion and his mind, somehow finds himself drawn to this girl, to aid her. He must once again wield his sword to fight - and as he slashes a path through the onslaught of creatures that plague his way, he discovers the secrets to the curse, the horrible story behind it, and a surprising twist to this girl's supposedly "common" background, revealing how she's not so common at all...

upgrade Drewth's companions weapons, armors, magics and accessories, complete with level-up system.

This game is complete, released complete, but I consider this a Beta as i need to perfect it.

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