Burn the Witch :: System Test Demo

by Not Me (PM)

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Game Description

Two years ago...

The shouting and screaming was unbearable. Men and women carrying torches and weapons of frightening variety chased a mother and her young child through the woods in the dark of night. Why?

The woman was a witch.

And a powerful one at that; her abilities far surpassed that of most. Her spells were powerful enough to raze entire villages to the ground, and that was indeed what she had done.

The villagers had not appreciated their homes being destroyed, and so a hunt had begun. A hunt to find and destroy the demon who had demolished their homes.

Homes were not the only thing that burned that night.

The witch's daughter, a girl at the age of six, tripped and fell into a lake as they ran from the howling mob. That fall saved her life, but sealed the fate of her mother's. The villagers captured the witch, bound her, and took her back to the ruins of their homes. The girl followed, attempting to remain unseen, but another villager found her as well.

The villagers couldn't find it in their heats to kill a girl so young, but they wanted her to know her fate were she to follow in her mother's footsteps.

Many tears were shed that night, but the most sorrowful were those cried by the girl, as she watched her mother go up in flames.

This is her story...
...the story of a girl, orphaned from a young age.

The story...
...of a witch.

*Note that this version of the game is purely for the purpose of testing the basic systems. None of the story is included yet. Also, votes are disabled until the final release. If you have something absolutely vital to tell me, PM me.*

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Released: May 27, 2014, 15:13
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