CMIX - A New World :: Full Comp. game

by falcon (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Platformer
This game apparently does not have any potential offensive content, or its content has not been set.

Game Description

In the past i made the Castle Maze 32 but now you have two CM adventures in one single game, with a lot of extras, features, atualizations, objects, and secrets. This is game that inclue the castle maze 32 adventure( the maps style still but it is easier to pass, because i put some new things) and the CMIX adventure.So now have fun with this game that promise 2-3 hours of intensive gameplay.
Note: This is an fun platform game and the fact of you fall if an platform that move is because the game was made according of the physics law.
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!
It is a game in constant development so be attent to any new.
This game is also in Portuguese.

N.grap- The game now have new graphics.

Anything that you want new in this game write your idea in the english forum in engine 001 and then go to games in progress(castle maze)or you can also go to the erm games forum because this is a open idea game.

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Released: July 15, 2012, 14:02
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xboxown: I deleted this game because I was unable to pass through the main screen shown in that screenshot. I am unsure if this game is full version or just plain campaign for another game. PS: IGNORE MY PREVIOUS COMMENT ALL TOGETHER. It is my fault I just did not know how to play the game at all. I playued it. LOVED IT. Good game play all together!!

Lord_Hades: Falcon, é um jogo bem legal e interessante!!

Danny: Great game, very well made and lots of fun! Well Done :D 10

death99war: Great game, the physics don't really make sense though since according to newtons law you should move with the platform, not fall directly down....otherwise the game overall is really good. 9!

Mike: The art style is very interesting, but the game can be terribly difficult right off the bat. It's not very clear what's going on either. Also, I didn't like being forced into full-screen mode. You definitely have skill in making something good - all you need is a bit more polish :)!

Grisson: I have to agree that your games are great,and i always find some inspiration to create my own games. Keep up the good work!

Zwitfire: It got quite boring after a while. It's not my kind of game. It was all about the moving platforms. I always uprate a platform game because of the custom resources. Try to add enemies to it to get a greater audience. Every level got harder as it should be ofcourse, but they were pretty much all the same. Not my type of game, but for what it has, I'll go with a 7.