Darkness Strike :: V1.07

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
This game contains Alcohol, Violence, Blood, Gore, Mature or Offensive Language, Mature or Crude Humor.

Game Description

It's been a while since I've released any news on this game (18/09/2015). I am working on it on and off, and the reason it has taken so long is because this is a very huge game. When I release a version of this, it will contain the first half of the full game, which has around 400-500 maps. In terms of game time, we could be looking at double digits worth of hours for an average player. It sounds bold when I say this, but the amount of hours could rival a retail game. And I don't mean for this to be filler content, either.
I can't give a date as to when this will be released as my desire to complete this waxes and wanes and there is so much content in it. However, I promise that when it drops, it will contain a great deal of content to what I believe is of a high standard. I've even surprised myself as to what I've made because this is radically different to what I intended to make when I first started this back in 2008. Stay tuned.

- 100+ Interactive Maps
- 3 hours+ gameplay
- More effects such as blood splat, and new items such as Rocks, Vigour Waters and Demon Sword
- More advanced AI
- 100+ music tracks (but only over half of them are used)
- Map Detail improved
- Fixed bugs - you can now enter zones and open doors that couldn't be opened in the previous version.

Almost bugless, except...



BUG NO3: There are some bugs that teleport you to random places - I have no clue how it happens. Keep several save files for now.
Note: The foundations of the story in this version will be kept in the full version but greatly added on and goes into depth.
Nothing. There was a part of the universe full of nothing, until a powerful sorcerer from another part of the universe decided to create his own world. His name...was Neo Zero.
When he created his world, everything was under his command. But however, riots and wars broke out and people sent him death threats, but he killed them. He used all in his power to destroy life. One of his assistants, Zyrak, hated his greed and plotted to kill his master. One day Zyrak and 8 men decided to destroy Neo Zero, and he prevailed, and managed to control the world, by one of his three wishes. He died 150 years later. He was a leader like Neo Zero, terrible and abusive with power. The world lived in harmony for 5000 years, until a wizard decided to revive Zyrak van Shogun from the dead. He succeeded, and Zyrak rose from his grave.
A sightseer came to tell the King of Shogun Castle, but he didn't believe him. Until a knight from Shogun came along, Shadow. He believed the man, and trained to battle against him by passing through a series of missions set by the King of Shogun himself. You are trained, and are allowed to leave the castle.
Join Shadow on his adventure to discover Zyrak's twisted plot and his fascination with the "Oncoming Storm."
Comment and play! Don't forget to rate when you've finished it!
-> Bosses now have challenge
-> Little side-quests
-> A ton of custom stuff
-> Intense cutscenes (if you can handle the cheesy dialogue)
-> Grassland areas on the Overworld Map to increase gameplay
-> Mini easter eggs
-> Finally, some map detail!
-> No more major bugs that interfere with storyline!

Features for Full Version:

-> Around 400-500 Maps, potentially more.
-> A new Progression System, allowing you to develop your character with ability points obtained from enemies. Players can cater their character towards different fighting styles by learning white magic, black magic, spending points on stat upgrades, and learning passive and active abilities. Some passive abilities increase physical and magic damage, defense, and some active abilities include Alchemy, where you can convert items into gold.
-> Magic and physical attacks now operate separately to one another. Magic power is determined by Magic and Mind, and physical attacks are determined by Attack and Strength. Magic defense is determined by Magic Defense and Resilience, whereas physical defense is determined by Defense and Vitality.
-> The two stats for magical attacks (Magic and Mind) and physical attacks (Attack and Strength) are determined by your weapon, and your innate talents, respectively. This means that one stat is determined by the weapon you have, and the other is determined by the innate abilities of the party member. This means that a player can inflict higher damage with a weak weapon (determined by Attack) if they have a higher Strength stat. The same applies for defense stats, one is determined by armour (Defense and Magic Defense) and the other is determined by raw talents (Vitality and Resilience).
-> Cheesy and cliched dialogue will be dramatically reduced, and will not contain dialogue that makes no sense whatsoever. The full version is planned to be a more serious game and heavily focusses on dark storyline and deep gameplay other than a "satirical" take on RPGs (like the current version). There will still be light-hearted elements and humour, but it won't subtract the experience.
-> Plot-holes and storyline will be fixed.
-> Enough hours to possibly be the longest game on 001.
-> Minimal or no bugs.
-> Achievements, Awards, Trophies etc...
-> Over 200 weapons from daggers to swords, bows to axes and staves to rods.
-> So much more customisation, including the ability to change colour of clothes, having different colour capes, battle abilities etc.
-> Plenty of sidequests, and not just generic fetch quests.
-> New Game Chapter system. The game will be divided into seven segments, the first three of which will be available in the next version.
-> Map graphical detail will be increased to mitigate that rushed look.
-> Dungeons will be more detailed and interesting, other than paths and walls...and the dreaded running back and forth between switches. Examples include the Fire Cave increasing your body temperature enough to kill you (and a thermometer to track your progress), a cavern requiring magical orbs to see, and a temple that requires you to temporarily decrease your maximum HP to proceed.
-> This will be a much harder game, with bosses being very powerful and having you to rely on high strength and strategy. Bosses are now indicated by a Dark Souls style health bar.
-> Difficulty mode: Normal, for those who want to play the game as intended; Hardcore, for those who want a challenge; and Formidable, for those who want to be masochistic and expose themselves to high difficulty.
-> New bosses, and boss sprites.
-> More powerful attacks used by enemies are displayed in the combat log.
-> Music composed by me!
-> Over 100 magic spells/skills to learn, such as Fire, Blaze, Vengeance, Syphon, Ardour and Balance.
-> Bosses will react in several ways, and will attack using advanced AI.
-> Annoying and unnecessary fields have been removed from the HUD. The player can switch off the HUD freely in the menu.
-> Trying to make images for items that were otherwise white spaces which took up space in the HUD.
-> Game clock has been moved to the menu, as has the money, and a new feature showing how many steps have been taken.
-> New armour such as the Shogun Stealth Set, Granite Armour and much more.
-> A gripping storyline with lots of twists and surprises. Very unpredictable game.
-> Codes which can be PMed to Darkvoid for extra info.
-> Cheats which make the game funny.
-> Overdrive (comparable to Limit Breaks) lets you unleash high amounts of power when damaged enough.

Overall changes:
(Written 25 Sept 2012, revamped 18 Sept 2015)

Basically, I've revamped the whole story. I've kept the foundation storyline (i.e. the revival of Zyrak), but as I stated earlier I've greatly added onto it and it goes into detail. For the latter half of the game, the storyline will take a dark turn. From there, the game's storyline will be very dark, and will have themes of mortality, despair, nihilism, existence of deities and more.

Some who liked the game previously may hate the story, some might like it (if you don't like the story, you'll still enjoy the gameplay as it's been hugely refined). I think I've made it to a high quality, and I'm actually very proud of what I've made. The reason for my decision is that when I made this game, the story was full of plot contradictions and areas that didn't make sense - I developed a FF-styled story for it (so don't be surprised for it to seem slightly far-fetched). When I was younger I would put random, "epic" sounding quotes that sounded like they would work, but they didn't. A lot of the plot twists back then were for drama, but now I've actually sat down and thought out a whole plotline for the game that addresses these issues and makes sense.
I'm not sure if there are people out there who still care about the game. I made this game for personal enjoyment/achievement, and I hope that others can enjoy it too. This game is quite heavy when it comes to story, so pay attention if you care for the story.

Any questions about the game itself, or any bugs you'd like to submit, please PM me or post in the forum topic (the link is at the top of the page). Feedback is really important as I can upgrade certain aspects of the game and know what people like so I can integrate that into the next game.

In the meantime, enjoy the current version. Please PM me if you have something to say about the game. Comment and rate too - if you didn't like the game, please leave constructive criticism instead of being hateful.
Thank you very much.


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falcon: Very interesting game :)

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