Dawn of the Elements :: Demo 1.0

by JamX (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Platformer
This game apparently does not have any potential offensive content, or its content has not been set.

Game Description

8 levels
2 bosses
2 secrets
Level Editor
4 playable elements (3 useful)
Unique Gameplay
About 7-15 minutes of gameplay.
Cartoony Graphics
New things to do in almost every level.

arrow keys-move
space-use device (you can also shoot them to activate)
Escape-Game Menu

Level Editor Controls:
arrow keys-select position
space-activate interface

Acessing Custom Levels
Go to Documents > 001 > Games > Save#.1SV
I remember me saying to not to edit SAVE0.1SV, but thats a lie, you CAN, it doesn't store super variables so your okay.
SAVE0.1SV = Save file 1
SAVE1.1SV = Save file 2

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Download Dawn of the Elements Demo 1.0 (16.34 MB)

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Released: August 25, 2011, 9:12
Total downloads: 382.
Users downloaded: 290

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Mike: Great graphics and enjoyable gameplay.

xboxown: Ggggggrreaaat game!!! Challenging!!!

Danny: Excellent game! 10

Dunce: Graphics worked great together. It was interesting and fun.

EvilEpicNub: Very fun and challenging, there was barely any flaws. 9/10.

creativeminds: Unique and challenging. A+ for effort!

haraldx: Good job on the visuals, the game was a bit buggy at some points and oftenly popped out some kind of errors. Good job nonetheless.

noeneto123: Nice graphics, nice gameplay, nice game! Congratulations by your work! My rate is 8.

skullboy99: Its a OK game. 8

Indiana 266: Was challenging at times, but good.

Midnight: Great graphics and enjoyable gameplay.

11th Hour: Great graphics but a bit buggy with the jumping and things. Good game over-all though!