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Game Language: English
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This game contains Alcohol, Drugs, Mischief, Violence, Blood, Gore, Mature or Offensive Language, Mature or Crude Humor.

Game Description

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An ambitious first game, Fallout001 puts you into the shoes of a vault dweller from Vault 18. Your life in the vault seemed perfect. You would wake up, go to the cafeteria, go to work, go back to the cafeteria, mingle with co-workers and friends, then return home to slumber. You would then wake up and repeat, only this morning, things are different. You are not one of the lucky ones, your door had jammed to the point of no entry for whomever it was. You exit your room in the vault living quarters to find the blood of man spilled all over. Who could have done this and why? Your vault had minded its own business for over a century. You must find out who, or at least why someone would do this. You must leave the vault.

This game is still in very early changes, the giant map, game maps, locations, and scale may change.

To be included:
*S.P.E.C.I.A.L system of stats
*Everything must be custom
*Over 10 creatures roaming the Nevada wasteland.
*Room for expansion
*One main quest line and over 10 side quests.
*A vast open world waiting to be traversed.

March 21, 2009 Update:
VATS like combat system implemented, this feature is accessed using the V key. Primitive tech demo uploaded to show off the power of my VATS system, no need to rate it.

March 30, 2009 Update:
I have vastly improved the VATS system shown in the tech demo. More graph paper maps have been made, but are still going to take forever.... I want to thank anyone that downloaded and gave feed back for the little tech demo. Waiting will be rewarded as soon as i can complete a few missions and the starting maps. :) Look for a Demo sometime during April.

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Released: March 21, 2009, 11:54
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phelpsy99: THIS GAME NEEDS WORK!!!!!!