Guitar Hero

by eitorlaba (PM)

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Game Language: English
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Game Description

I'm a br and I made this game when I had no web connection, and I was bored... So hope you enjoy the game.
There are some differents musics you can hear on the menu, but it doesn't make any difference with the notes sequence, they're random.
This demo are made only to test the engine, but you can have some fun (:

Characters with note sprite what goes down and are killed by the player as he use A,S,J,K,L, these keys teleport and makes the player to attack, killing the notes, and they randomly teleport to the start of the map. There's a zone down press zone what sounds a error and teleport to the start too.

100 streak combo
10000 points

A: green, S: red, J: yellow, K: blue, L: orange
Special: F1

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