Half Life 2 :: in development

by deadlyvirus (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Violence, Blood, Mature or Offensive Language.

Game Description

Story: you arrive in "City 17" by train.Dr. Breen unconvincingly reassures newcomers that "it's safer here," you learn the grim details: you've arrived in one of Earth's few remaining cities, and the world is under control of a group described no further than "our benefactors." The picture only gets darker as you learn more, hammered home by paranoid citizens wandering around the station. Perhaps the biggest sign that things are out of whack, however, is when you notice one of the alien Vortigaunts acting as a janitor in the station. Things have most definitely changed.

-level up system
-sounds for all weapons
-all weapons from half life 2(i hope)
-i added more features and levels to my game
-added achivements like if you get a certain number of achivements you get a minigame or your statistics go up
-AI made by me so if you are in a fight the combine might retreat or go in groups or even sprint at you!

eta for demo: unkown it looks like i never finished the demo in 12 days so it might take longer making the demo than i thought

Note: i will not release the full version until input scripts come out so i can have alternate fires for my weapons.

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