I love Faith

by fluffypie374 (PM)

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Game Language: English
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Game Description

This is game where you play as my beloved Faith and try to earn 500 bucks to marry someone. Faith gets a choice between marrying me or her ex. boyfriend. There is good graphic and awesome gaming created by impulsive scripting techniques!

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Released: December 20, 2010, 23:31
Total downloads: 75.
Users downloaded: 51

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Tyler B: Way to short. This game could use a lot of improvement. There were a handful of spelling mistakes. I couldn't feed the dog, but I read the letter. Make it harder to earn the $500, it is way to easy. I say give it a lot of thought, come up with quests that your partents have for you like travleing through a forest, a city, and you end at a kingdom to give someone a letter or something. It needs to be longer, it is to short so it isn't a fun game. Where it stands right now, I would NOT recommend this game to anyone. (Just a useful critique)

binkow: I don't get this much at all. It's extremely short and very basic. It doesn't let me open the letter in the mailbox and after the person dies I have no idea of what to do. There's only 1 map on this game ( that I know of ) and it's too simple and boring. (No offense)