Jump! :: v1.1

by Mr.Numbers (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Platformer
This game apparently does not have any potential offensive content, or its content has not been set.

Game Description

A game created for the Engine001 Contest.

In this game, you play as a ball getting from the start to finish.
It is a repetitive-styled game play consisting of numerous levels (1-1 to 5-5), each filled with different obstacles and traps! You will be under pressure as you only have so much time per level, in order to replenish your time, you must collect coins.

The game has 3 Difficulty settings:
Easy (First time players)
Medium (Average Players)
Hard (Extreme Players)

There are many obstacles which you must get through. Some of these obstacles are:
Falling Spikes
Death Blocks
1 Way Blocks
Moving Blocks
Locks & Keys

If you hit a death block, spike, or run out of time you loose 1 life and the level will restart. Highscores will be saved once you complete the game, or if you select 'no' at the Game Over screen.

Left: Move left
Right: Move right
Up: Increase jump height
Down: Decrease jump height
ESC: Pause Game

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Released: September 30, 2011, 14:49
Total downloads: 768.
Users downloaded: 620

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SBG: Simplicity at it's finest. Just goes to show you don't need flashy graphics, ove the top gameplay or a deep storyline to make a GREAT game.

haraldx: Simple, yet effective!

2cool4me4: I can't finish it, but a 10 anyway!

Not Me: Wow, this game is great! I could actually make graphics like these, but not a game like this!

Zadion: Nice Game. Strategy type =D

Paradox-Dragon: Best game i've played from engine001

Eclectic gaming: Good game, even though I nearly destroyed my computer in frustration; in what universe is the "easy" difficulty easy :P I liked it though 10/10

Merlin_Kalkinput: Very fun, and challenging game. Shows how you can make a game great by scripting, and not so much graphics. 10/10

K-Pone: A little bit buggy, but still fun to play.

Daniel-luz: Realmente divertido!!

noeneto123: Ugly graphics, but about the scripting and gameplay, i think very impressive! Very good job! My rate is 9! *-*

ITB: Glorious! Will be amazing with the new art! Jump height is hard to control though. 9/10! :D

skullboy99: Really awesome game. 9

xboxown: Great game!! Challenging and fun. Everyone should try it out.

Dunce: It was fun and interesting, but was difficult to manage the jump heights.

sam123: Fun game dude! Simple and fun

falcon: The game is exelent but it need a little more difficult because some times it become like a "Dej√° Vu".

Grisson: Great Game!! I never saw something like this before.... 8

MrPoonTangs: Nice idea! Only problem I had as a colorblind person is telling the redish orange blocks from the lava. Over all very addicting.

Indiana 266: Hope to see it with the better graphics you promised. :)

-minecraftruler555-: awsome game dude!!!mabye you should add an update

Ixayou: Not really my kind of game, as i felt the gameplay was very repetive and little challenging. Might've been because i didnt get so far because of a glitch on a platform. Otherwise it's a nice idea, a simple little game that doesnt require any nice graphics (though it wouldnt hurt).

Even123: Really good game, but isn't my kind of game :(