Just Another Life Game :: Demo 5

by Skudgemuffin (PM)

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Game Description

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JALG is an open sandbox game, where you have the freedom to do whatever you want in a giant city where every building is enterable. Get a job and get promoted-become a decent living citizen; or get a gun and mug every person on the street you see.

Demo 5 Notes:
-New Clothes and Hairstyles
-New fonts
-Bank drive-thu works
-Interest is now gained on bank account
-The Fluffmaster has landed in the city
-Sofa King store is now open
-Jobs will now give exp
-People can now be killed
-Stats menu updated
-Rrevised heat and character respawn systems
-Changed hud
-All current streets now named
-If you fail a job 'interview' you must wait a minute to try again
-New weather system

Demo Version Cheats:
-Press the ~ key
There's a couple guns in the northwest corner of the island

The game is currently still being heavily developed, and MUCH of what I want to be able to do in this game has still not even been started. This demo is not meant in any way to be a full game nor act like one, but instead to show the progress I have made so far.

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