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Game Description

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The glich in the begining with the cutscene should now be fixed :)

First off I must say this has nothing to do with the TV show

Your just a normal guy named Duke carrying out a normal life whene a harmful alien race know as the Noctron invade you are teleported away to a ship owned by the space marins a fighting faction agensted the noctron. You imdeatly want to go home but find out that the ship was hit by anti-space wepons destroying 5 major parts and knoking the ship away from Earth. You team up with a space marin named Gerlon and head out to find those parts...

*2 custom wepons
*Lost of custom tile-sets
*1 Planet full of a twisting plot and 7 or 8 side missons (soon to be 10)
*Party members
*farly well done scripting
*2 cool songs viva la vida into the ocean
*Cool enemys
*A fun game!

(note: credits arn't updated they will be in next version)
you can now go to the planet which is where the real game begins. please report any bugs on the fourm topic.

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Released: August 17, 2008, 14:04
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