Metal Gear Solid 4 : Prelude :: V1.0

by adib2008 (PM)

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Game Description

This is a short game I made in four days.( Yeah, super fast! ) There is no demo for this game. Its a full game. Other version that may come is only fix version(If it has a bug...).

Gray Fox is a slight killer ninja clone. He is still not dead. He created a powerful weapon "Tomb Of God" that have the power to destroy all the living things on earth. He attempting to use it to pay his revenge to cruelty of the world...
Snake, a powerful agent from the previous series of MetalGearSolid received a command from the world defend unit to stop Gray Fox. Will He able to stop Gray Fox? Or will Gray Fox able to launch the Tomb Of God and have his revenge?

Combat style game.
Play as Old Snake.
Great SFX.
Mission guide to help you with goal of every stage. (Something like EXO )
Nice Graphic.

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Released: September 14, 2008, 4:33
Total downloads: 227.
Users downloaded: 170

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Mecro: It's actually pretty fun, though short.

skullboy99: if sony saw this, they would sue you