Modern Rouge :: Dev 1.2

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Game Description

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Modern Rouge is a regular rougelike game, except it takes place in a modern world instead of the usual medieval one. (Like Earthbound)
Right now there isn't much to it, As it is still under super-heavy development.
Also the name Modern Rouge will likely change unless people don't want it to.

Dev 1.2 Updates:

+ Moved the menu from Shift to Enter
+ New Animations
+ Health Bars (Yay!)
- Health Numbers
+ Better Combat
+ Borders on HUD
+ Narration
+ "Bubbling Potion", First unidentified item (But they act strange)
+ Damaging Potion
+ Made dungeons look better
- Unfunctional Up Stairs
+ Dungeons are bigger and more mazelike
+ Using an item now closes the menu

There is only one dungeon with two floors at this point in development, But the two floors can change with each play-through.

Features I'm planning on adding are:
Monster cards, When you defeat a certain number of a single monster they drop a card.
Tons of dungeons, Focusing on large number of small dungeons.
Many different monsters, Different monsters will act different and have different attacks.

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Released: October 16, 2011, 19:51
Total downloads: 105.
Users downloaded: 70

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Zaiarogi: I like this game. Has narration and custom features. I suggest adding a story and/or reason for going to the dungeon.