Oculus:Origins Snapshot :: v.0.0.2

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
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Game Description

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So the v1.010.000 update just came down the wire for all of us. I know that updates aren't supposed to break games, but I have so many assets loaded up and strung together that I wanted to get a build out just in case doo-doo happens... To get a 'snap-shot' of where the game stands at the moment.

Q: If I downloaded the v0.0.1 Benchmark Demo, is it worth it for me to download the v0.0.2 Pre-Update Snapshot?
A: If you saw potential in the Benchmark Demo at all the answer is 'yes' in my opinion. There is a bit more of the level in v0.0.2, but so many little details have been fleshed out that I think it already manages to show what direction I am trying to move in with this.

Q: How far off was the Benchmark Demo II?
A: It probably wouldn't have happened for a few more weeks. Real life, as always, was changing the timetables. A few things that I was hoping to have done that are not are:
*Animations for elevators opening and closing, as well as the main sprite entering them.
*Losing the Helicopter at the beginning. (The player will simply wake up at the beginning of the stage with no memory.)
*Even out SFX and music volume levels.
*2nd weapon for main sprite.
*A handfull of NPC's.
*Streamlined and proofed dialogue.
*Fully completed interactive computer terminals throughout Stage 1-1, 'Section Control Facility'.
*Hover Tram interior and Stage 1-1A, 'Ride The Bullet', where you pilot the tram (As a vehicle.) leading you into Stage 1-2, 'Systems Critical' (I'm really happy with the concept of Stage 1-1A, 'Riding the Bullet'. Think of a fast paced, busier version of the Atari classic, "Missile Command" where you can move your missile launcher to avoid incoming fire when not firing yourself. (When you fire your missile platform locks in place and you control the fire in a turret style.) I did not include it because it is really bare-bones right now and bug

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Released: April 30, 2012, 16:06
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Jesse Bangerter: This is the best game using Engine001 that I have played.

MrRichard: I like the effects that you put into this.

xboxown: I love it! Very fun game!

falcon: Ver well made game, beutiful graphics and the action is awesome.

archlord666: Beautiful effects and graphics, interesting gameplay. Some bugs exist here and there and i didn't understand the gameplay at the beginning.

creativeminds: I enjoyed playing this game :)