One Shot The Game :: Demo V 1.1

by bboy920 (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Violence, Blood, Gore.

Game Description

This Is The First Demo For The Game One Shot.

Earth,2010. You are the last hope for earth,After your training you discover a weird egg of some sort....Its a Malatonian egg..The Malatonians are creatures from the planet Malatonia That can take any living creatures shape...After there planet was cursed by a Malatonian King over 5000 years ago,they discovered our planet........

You will Take The Role Of A New Millitary Recruit As He Discovers A Strange Egg like shell in the sands of the beach....What happens next could possibly determine the fate of all human beings on earth...Will you rise to the Occation,or Watch You speicies Die Out???

Note:This is Only a demo....It can Be Chnged At Any Time Or Place.When A New One Comes Out I Will Post it

The Demo Features The First Six Maps and One Boss Battle.Most Of these levels take place in the forest.There are Not too many guns,but not to little either.The Demo Includes Custom And Imported Graphics Along with the pr-build ones already in the engine.All The Pictures Down Below Are from th full game and are not connected to the demo in any way,mean,fashion,or form.The Full Game will include over 30 Maps and Levels along with a huge asortment of custom gus and weapons.It will also include a secret ending with three game modes.However one Game Mode will probably be deleted due to errors and bugs.The Only Confirmed modes are Story mode and arcade mode.Note: Arcade Mode is Experimental and the version shown in the demo is not the final version.Score is not kept in the demo. The Arcade mode in the game will include 4 new maps for you to try to conquer.In this mode your goal is to kill the man in the middle of the circle(After you take out his minions)and go the the flagpost

Dreams Of An Absolution Copyright of Bently Jones.This is his song and is not mine.All Song lyrics are copyright of there respective owners.

Dreams Of An Absolution Lb Vs. Js Copyright of Bently Jones.This is his song and is not mine.All Song lyrics are copyright of there respective owners.

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Released: October 24, 2008, 18:10
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