PolyDuel :: v0.8.2

by creativeminds (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Card
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Game Description

A tile based card game. Mostly simple battle mechanics I hope you enjoy. Please read the updates to know what's new! Also please vote and leave a comment!

v0.2 Does not include sounds, however it does include one of three poly cards to start the game with.(Polydog, Polypig, and Polycat) It does not include saving, but does contain a partial shop and most of the games mechanics.
v0.3 Includes Objective section and two more maps. Also includes some upgraded graphics.
v0.4 Fixed quite a few bugs.
v0.5 Redesigned the entire map interface. Cursor has been changed to be more accurate. Also the cursor can be changed in the settings now.
v0.6 Fixed some small bugs. Burton the robot is now active.
v0.7 Gave Burton some AI (Artificial Intelligence) try saying hey, hi, or hello to him. You can start talking to him by simply clicking on him. Fixed the mailbox system. Added catch snowflakes to earn cash (This is unlocked around stage four).
v0.8 The shoppe is up and running for the most part. Day/Night time has been added to the settings. Excited to say that sound has been added to PolyDuel!

V0.8.2 Contains some minor feature updates as well as file shrinking, unfortunately this has caused some bugs. If there is anyone willing to post a bug report that would be really nice.

PolyDuel is almost complete, so if you have any ideas, notice any bugs, or just have requests, please let me know! Your input is highly valued.

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Released: December 22, 2014, 3:04
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blakkbox: This is nice game. I'd like if you add different effects on when the cards are dead.

Merlin_Kalkinput: A lot of issues were fixed in one update, it's a lot more playable now. Thank you for using my advice. The game was pretty fun, but as far as the battles go it's much too easy. Things only start to get hard at "The Seal of Approval level" . If you made the mini game, to get extra power, a little more difficult it would make the game more challenging, lengthier, and overall more enjoyable. Keep up the great work! Voted: 8/10