Precision Marksman :: Demo V0.2a

by fdu5526 (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Simulation
This game contains Violence, Blood.

Game Description

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This game's development is currently on halt

Contains only 3 missions for now
Version 0.2a is out!

When you are playing an Engine001 game, have you ever thought: hey, I wants to shoot bad guys through the eye of the the character that I am playing! Now you can! I brings you Precision Marksman, where you can play the game through a completely new perspective!

This is not a FPS, instead it is more like a shooting gallery

Be sure to aim a little higher than the target because of the gravity of Earth!

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RamchuK_Ntertainment: When I first played the game, a long while ago, I only thought... Wow! I should make something like this. Very Unique! 9.

noeneto123: Very nice! Gameplay is very, very cool, but the graphics put the game on other class! Sorry, i rate 8

rgangsta: Loved it. I love sniper games. Recently playing Hitman Sniper Challenge on STEAM and it immediately reminded me of this game. Awesome.

skullboy99: Nice, keep it up bro. 7