Reign Of Jupiter :: v1.3

by HardcoreHobbit (PM)

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Game Description

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You start out in a prison, your parents thrown in jail previous to your birth. You get released 16 years later, when a new king takes reign. On your way out, a guard tells you a secret: The king needs someone to work for him. All they need is a letter of reccomendation. So, you start out looking for a letter of reccomendation, then eventually unfold the larger plot by working for the king.
The file is a little large, but that is only because it's a rather long game.
*There are a few bugs now, but play it anyways and tell me what you think! I'm getting them fixed!
For a full walkthrough of the game, visit my website. (Link to it should be in my signature, so check any forum posts i have made) and go into the 'Games' Section.

-Fixed Ending

-Added Full Set Of Keynae Armor

-Added More SoundFx

-Fixed Items/Keys

-Fixed Fruit Storage Room Quest

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them on the forum discussion page.
Fixed Features:
-Fixed 'Fruit Room Key' Loop

-Fixed 'Magnet Quest' gold

-Added in a few game icons

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Released: March 24, 2009, 22:05
Total downloads: 638.
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Isaac Swett: Really enjoyed it, however, I think it needs a lot of work.