Rick Roll\'d (The Adventure RPG)

by evenen (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Uncategorized
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Game Description

An Adventure Rpg about you, a man in love. your love is a girl named Lyhne. one day, a jealous man, who Lyhne used to love, but grew power hungry, sends his dragon to take back Lyhne from you. you must vanture into his 100 level dungeon to save her. will you survive? will your love prove true?
Game contains Blood and violence
Controls & Cheats
Move: wasd/arrow keys
Action: left click/enter
Menu: ESC/I
Use item/weapon: LCtrl/middle click
Use magic: LShift/Right click
Console (Cheating):`/~

uberpants: highest level
curvyblade: Epic weapon
titankiller: \\\"\\\"
gaiasword: \\\"\\\"
rapierofdeth: \\\"
skullsplitter: \\\"\\\"
antikill: Invincibility
imdaweenar: No effect yet
killingchamber: Teleports you to battle testing chamber

You cannot obtain LumenSemper through cheating, if you wish to use it in the killing chamber then once obtained from Fataunb, open the console DO NOT PRESS ENTER FIRST!

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Released: April 14, 2011, 22:59
Total downloads: 58.
Users downloaded: 38

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