Solitary :: DEMO

by Tabula Rasa (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Violence, Blood, Mature or Offensive Language.

Game Description

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SOLITARY is an experimental survival horror adventure game, involving the story of a photojournalist named Alex Gray, who is suddenly thrust from the world he knows and into a nightmare, with horrors lurking at every turn, and ghosts from his past return to haunt him in practically every shape.

You will have to use your intellect to solve puzzles, outsmart and outrun the monstrosities that haunt the shadows, and explore the beautifully atmospheric city available to you. Dark powers will pull the strings of your reality and either seek to aid you or destroy you utterly. You will piece together the mystery, not only of the events of Alex's life, but what happened to the world around you as you search every nook and cranny for clues, mementos, tools, and supplies. The game is keeping track of how you play it and the events may play out radically different depending on the choices you make in-game.

The darkness awaits.

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Released: September 8, 2013, 23:01
Total downloads: 1437.
Users downloaded: 1210

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Mike Stephen: My sister and I LOVE this game! Logo gives the full version! Logo gives the full version! Logo gives the full version! Logo gives the full version! Logo gives the full version! Give LOGO!

creatorx45: A must play for anyone making a horror game using this engine

miroki123: Very nice game. Story, music, gameplay, just perfect.

Mike: Tested this game long enough to realize it's one of the most detailed games made on 001. Atmosphere and storytelling are great!

Danny: Your game is great, i love the game introduction, the digital camera. Infact this is the best horror-survival on 001, it even beats my own horror games. For this my friend you get a 10! Keep up the excellent work! :D

gerardred: Hard, But Awesome ! 10/10

NethanielShade: Very well done. Some graphical problems, but attention to detail was astounding!

JimmySterylian: Well, I must say, you got the achievement to scare me. Awesome scripting design, atmosphere. Keep up the good work. From me you get a 10 my friend!

Games Productions: This game is one of the best! But I just get scared when the ghost falls to the ground and dies. I finished this game ( I finished resets it! ) , But it is a demo.

AnvilHouse: Had some minor issues with item switching. Needs some recoloring of items in the beginnning(Vending machine if splattered with blood after opening dream sequence.) All in all a good game with creative horror elements! Keep up the good work Tabula!

New MrGameplay3: dude, your game is spectacular! It took me a few scares to continue with his work OK!?

Ixayou: This game scared the living hell out of me, you succeeded there. The game is great, very well built up and has well-functioning and good looking interfaces. The overall mood is disturbingly scary, mostly because of the lighting, music/sound effects and the scary pop-up moments. I do however see graphical glitches sometimes, for example environment such as furniture and walls overlapping the characters. You might want to fix these for complete perfection. I'd give you a 10, but the game isn't perfect graphically in my opinion so you get a 9. But hey! Personally I barely rate anything over 7-8, so overall a great job!

Zwitfire: This is amazingly well executed. The storyline was good and the horrific atmosfear was well present. A great job on this, and all the stimulation to you to finish this game. It'll be worth your time. I'm going to give you a 9. Well done to you.

Alvis Hallowed: Im not really experienced with horror games but I think Solitary could do well, I cant wait for more.

Swaggadeej: This game is great! The only problem I have is when I get to a certain part it freezes and crashes, I'm not sure if its a glitch or just my laptop but overall this game is still cool!

tonywelch15: sorry but not my sort of game