Stand Alone :: Teaser v0.2

by CounterZER0 (PM)

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Game Description

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This is a very short Demo of a project I will be working on alot.
Your Hero for this Adventure is Liam, he is a big fan of all things unexplained, UFO's, Ghosts, Aliens and is very open to Conspiracy Theories and anything mysterious.
Lately he has been having these Nightmares, paranoid delusions that someone or something is watching him and to make matters worse people in town have been acting strange. Living alone and progressively getting more paranoid Liam is becoming an outcast. Something big is coming, he can feel it...
But what seems like paranoia quickly becomes a matter of Life and Death... and even the End of the World?
Who do you trust?
What's really going on?
Where will this conspiracy take you?
And when it comes down to it... will you Stand Alone?

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rgangsta: Really enjoyed the game. Keep it up!