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by 2cool4me4 (PM)

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Game Description

I, 2cool4me4, break what you all expected from 001 yet again! Now I've made an app that relies completely on the internet. The first ever on 001. Study helper connects to the internet to retrieve tests, which it then allows you to take.

Also, I guess it's time for me to reveal Technovent. Technovent is a sub-division of 2cool4me4 games. Technovent is the name I will be using from now on for my expectation-defying titles, such as this, study helper, and when I update it, 001 OS.

Not just games, Technovent

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Released: October 8, 2011, 8:45
Total downloads: 88.
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Aleff Correa: 001 becoming a swiss knife :D Shame that it is a little buggy, but I'm sure it will be fixed soon.