Super Duper Mario (Classic) :: Demo 4

by Koutacles (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Platformer
This game contains Mischief.

Game Description

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A platform game in Mario style - unfinished.

Please, visit the forum topic to keep updated on the new version. This new version will use the features of the lastest 001 version!

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Released: December 11, 2010, 9:39
Total downloads: 1451.
Users downloaded: 1176

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Gabriel Nunes: great graphics and excellent gameplay and very well done soundtrack.

SBG: 10/10 I couldn't imagine a Mario game to be as well done as this on 001. Can't wait to see more!

Redemption: Amazing, keep it up, Couldn't tell the differnece of the real Mario!

Camsandwich: Amazing game! Lots of attention to detail, and gameplay is not too easy, but not too hard either. This game offers an enjoyable experience for gamers, and I'm looking forward to the full version!

2cool4me4: I like this game!

aldenorai: Felt like a legitamate Mario game. Very neat, very enjoyable, and with a soundtrack that adds a spark of fun to an already fun game experience. A must-play of the 001 world.

EvilEpicNub: 10/10! This game is just perfectly amazing. It is hard to come by an 001 game with custom everything. This game is perfect!

ITB: Very nice. I wanna see more of this game! Keep it Up!

Mike: Very well made, and very good use of scripting.

haraldx: Interesting indeed. Just make mario running speed a bit higher, while playing on 1280xsomething looked like mario is a real slowpoke. Great stuff however! :)

K-Pone: Well done. Still a few bugs inside but insane anyway.

robobotrover: Just like the real one! Can't wait for more!

archlord666: One of the best games based on 001engine. beautiful and well done. All my respect

Mike Chip: not bad, i played it with pleasure

Bruno coelho: Cool! very well done ,my friend!

Jegar: Very good, a little sticky on some of the controls, but otherwise fantastic.

Grisson: This game is the best remake of Super Mario!! Extremely Nice!!!

Zadion: Very good. Good project.

skullboy99: Nice, keep it up!!!

cdjensen94: Great Game, only thing I didn't like was that the controls seemed a little stiff. It's just too slow, because my computer doesn't like the shift key. I would just make a second command key.

rulegram: A bit short and with one or two bugs. However, in the main, it is a really good game. Love how you combined the retro 2D Mario with sound effects from the 3D games!

Mr.Numbers: Overall very nice start! Its a mario alternative for sure :) Please finish this as I wana see on how it turns out!

mouseyboy: Its alright, but the music gets a bit annoying. Plus the coins in the secret area dont respawn.