The Assasin :: 1.2 Exclusive

by adib2008 (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Drugs, Violence, Blood.

Game Description

THE ASSASIN V.1.2 Exclusive

This game takes you to the live of Bruce, an assasin. He just run from the Las Vegas's polices and arrive at a dark city controlled by gangs like Mafia, Triads and Diablo, the one and only Justice City. His friend Michael told him to work with all the gangs there starting with the Mafia and build their own empire. Bruce has to do all sort of things of what an Assasin do. And that of course is KILLING.When He and his friend have build their empire there they will continue to another Big Cities of crime....


Top down gameplay camera.
20 assasination missions ( V1.2 ).
Big city to explore.
Good story plot.
A radar on the bottom left of the screen.
Barber shop.
Jacket shop.
Mask shop.
Muscle and fat system.
EXP system.
New transportation car.
New HUD and looks.
Train in the city.
New enviroment.
New player graphic.(updated)
Some bugs fixed.

This is The Assassin V1.2 Exclusive. It has no bugs at all. This is another sneak peek on The Assassin V1.3.

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Released: August 18, 2008, 1:55
Total downloads: 1275.
Users downloaded: 1033

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Grimstooth: I like the topdown view and the sandbox nature of the game. I would recommend some more details in the locations.

AREKZIOM: i dont like that game :/

Lord_Hades: esse jogo é muito confuso, você não sabe oque é para fazer, não sabe a onde ir, melhora isso mano.