The Elven Knight :: Demo

by dragorn128 (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Violence.

Game Description

In this game you are, well, an elven knight, as you run from a group of orcs you get a painful burst from your wound, all you can do is watch the guards engage some orc raiders, but soon the pain goes away and you can walk again.

Arkansas (Rebal Fort)
-Training Zone
-Main Tower
=Kings Chamber
Forest Path
Kingsod (Town)
Orc Camp

This is only a demo so there will be much much much more maps in the final version.

Hero (Renamed Through The King)
Knight 1 (Help hired through the king)
Knight 2 (Help hired through the king)

Soon to come party features:
Hire Troop
-Evan Some Monsters Will Join You

Elements of Attack:

Soon to Come Elements of Attack:

Red Spider (No attack the the moment)
Orc Raider (Longsword) (Chain Armour)

NPCs (Non Player Charactors)
Guards (Lantern or Norwood Blade)
Royal Guard (Iron Pike) (Golden Armour)
King (Heavenly Sword) (Golden Armour)
Traveling Wizard (Ice Staff) (Magic)
Kingsod Citizen (Stick)
Training Dummys (Nothing)

Much more NPCs to come

Also i give thanks to the creator of knights of kune, he inspired me to do this RPG and I copied his revive feature instead of having to respwan, but i added a twist, instead of being able to come back millions of times and just keep fighting, you lose your weapon and armour equipped at the time.

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Released: July 1, 2009, 23:35
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