The IT Game :: DEMO

by paciulli (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Violence.

Game Description

Based on The IT Crowd sitcom,enjoy! with one 500x50 phase+tutorial. With choose your character of the sitcom. More details coming soon!WAIT FOR THE COMPLETED VERSION IS COMING SOON LIKE NEXT SUNDAY! WAIT.
This game is currently not complete so there is so many features that you can´t see it, they are:
-5 types of Virus
-Change tile-sets
-based on a sitcom
-More 6 itens
-6 types of Characters
-Exclusive Plataform game
-chaged HUD (all objects)
-Exlusive type of game: play all phases with your own created and edited character!
-All popular musics: Coldplay, 30 seconds to mars, Panamericano, etc (not that horrible sound of RPG lol)
-Bigest map ever: 500x50!!!!!!!!!
-And so on...
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Released: October 7, 2010, 20:14
Total downloads: 82.
Users downloaded: 59

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