The Legacy

by Darkvoid (PM)

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Game Description

This will be my 3rd major game project after I finish Oncoming Storm: Darkness Strike. I won't post too much of the plot in the description as it will spoil the game.

The Legacy is a sci-fi, futuristic/steampunk RPG that takes place in Solaris, a planet where a massive portion of the game is set. I won't disclose too many gameplay details, but I plan for it to be either an advanced Action-RPG or a Turn-Based RPG.

Solaris is covered in hi-tech cities, wildlife, and has a population of about one hundred million. Solaris is protected by an elite group of soldiers known as the Public Security Regiment (PSR), who make sure that the people who live there live the greatest life possible.

All seems well, but there are some mysteries surrounding Solaris, that the people believe the PSR are hiding from them. The truth is - the PSR are hiding something. Not just something, but many things. People begin to realise that perhaps Solaris is built on lies, and that people aren't seeing reality for what it truly is, and that they're being kept inside from the truth.
Questions that are thrown about by the people of Solaris are;
- "What is the truth that we are being restricted from?"
- "Who truly are the PSR?"
- "Why is this happening?"

Over the course of a few months, the PSR begin to change in personality, and become more withdrawn and quiet. In secret, the PSR excavated something from the mountains that would satisfy their plans. They excavated an extra-terrestrial, named Imperius.

Imperius is a dormant alien vessel that remains in a coma-like state. Through experimentation and examination the PSR find out that Imperius is a very powerful being, and if awoken and given the means to destroy it could cause untold amounts of damage. The PSR found out that if they could somehow find a way to utilise Imperius' powers, the PSR could gain complete control of Solaris, and use it for even darker deeds.
The PSR know that this is the answer to their problems, and it will complete their schemes. However, being an unknown being, Imperius' origins are still not understood, even by the top scientists of Solaris. The question that one must ask is this -

"What if Imperius is beyond the control of the PSR?"

Coming 2013.

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