The Moon Tear :: Demo 1.1

by aldenorai (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
This game contains Violence, Blood, Mature or Offensive Language, Mature or Crude Humor.

Game Description

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DEMO 1.1 Bugfix
- Aelrich Jones TV outside Ratch's shop now works.

When humans invent a new technology, Atmos, that allows them to convert the planetary atmospheres of other terrestrial planets to something that could sustain human life, they set out to new galaxies. What they find is the Kil'Wrea system. Unfortunately, this system of worlds is inhabited by its pointy-eared natives: the Kil'Wreth.

Daraelynn was born on the Kil'Wrea world of Arcania and, at a young age, was run out of his village and forced to grow up in a human refugee camp on another settled planet. Embittered with humanity, and using his silver tongue and espionage skills, he picks up a job to find out what Atlas Technologies, the creators of the Atmos machine, are investing so much time and company money in.

When Daraelynn infiltrates the company and befriends the CEO Ridael, a wealthy Kil'Wreth who bought his way into the company, the search begins for the legendary Moon Tear, and a conflict begins to form that will have Daraelynn torn between his heart and his hatred for the human race.

George R. Powell

Mars R. Marshall

Michael Johnston

Andrew Chung

Diana Kimery

Kristyn Yearington

Mike Joseph

Jenny Krompel

George R. Powell

BARTENDER / TAPHER / AELRICH JONES (writer of the Aelrich Jones monologue as well)
Stephen Motroni

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Released: October 1, 2011, 15:05
Total downloads: 834.
Users downloaded: 672

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Leo_Tekno: Nice game, I loved the voice acting!

noeneto123: Very good! I lovely! Excellent sounds, if you change the graphics for obtain more realism this game is be a the best of 001 games, but it is best of RPGs 001 games!

rosareven: This, dare I say, sets a great example of a game made with engine 001. Truly an inspiration.

EvilEpicNub: Good, hard, amazing graphics, a hardly worked on story, BUT WHY MUST IT END? This game did show new people what 001 can really do. This game has all the great elements games need. 10/10.

Samulis: Great game so far, although I feel some of the graphics could be changed for realism.

SBG: Fantastic! One of the most RPGish RPG on 001! But I agree with Samulis on the graphics part, because I know you started off with a better design. Also the button mash combat doesn't fare to well, and makes it unnecessarily difficult to survive at times. That's just constructive criticism though. Over all this game is one of the best 001 games I've seen come out. Also love the Alex Jones homage lol

Inxth: Pretty decent O.o

Spartan225: pretty good! Me gusta

ashburp: great voice acting

Hatsunemiku: This was really good, thank you for putting this up!

ogi95bv: This game is great game, i just love it :D

falcon: Your game is very nice, but some times there are somethings that you can put better. So like it`s a bit hard and have good graphics it will have a 9.

Voidscap3 E: This Is The Reason Why You Have Chose 001 !

death99war: Awesome game! The voice acting is great...the combat could of been better but even so this game is great! 9 out of 10 4 me.

EchoZeta: One of the best games 001 I’ve played. The original music and voice acting is incredible, the story looks promising - there were moments that made me laugh and others that were very moving, and there’s enough custom art to give it its own style. Things that I felt could be improved on were a bug that wouldn’t allow me to leave the house on my first play, the VA for the black guy trying to sound what he though a black person should sound like and a quicker way to get back into the game after you die. If the full game lives up to its demo then the Moon’s Tear deserves its spot as one of the highest rated games here.

Mike: Oddly difficult, but amazingly executed otherwise.

creativeminds: This is a nice game if I do say so myself. The graphics are decent, but it's the sounds and voice acting that really complete this game. Keep it up!

Zwitfire: It was very strange, it was pretty good though.