The Ocean's Deep :: Demo

by Jesse Bangerter (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Alcohol, Drugs, Mischief, Blood, Mature or Offensive Language.

Game Description

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The Ocean's Deep is a game in which you play as Douglas Hall, a book collector and freelance journalist. You are on a journey to find a book called "Peace from Etymology," which takes you to the town of New Barron, where the book was last seen.

Combat-free adventure game. The story is driven through exploration and talking to NPC's, so expect a lot of dialogue throughout the adventure.

Mostly custom, hand-drawn graphics, aside from a few things.

***This demo is only a small piece of the story, and is more of a short demonstration of the gameplay.

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Released: July 16, 2012, 15:47
Total downloads: 544.
Users downloaded: 424

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xboxown: Excellent game!

Danny: Great game, love the custom art. Very well made, well done :D

Rico: Was a very pleasant experience and I enjoyed the overall feel of the game, certainly on the right track to an interesting game but still needs some work.

serrafina: A European mystery vibe that captures the live essence and vivid feelings of engaging a different town! Get ready to see animated resources and sprites along with finding the clues. I posted an in-depth review for the creators of this game if anyone wants more additional information.

coffeennicotine: Really like the hand drawn artwork. Kinda reminds me of a Sierra game... (That's a good thing)

Karisade: Beautiful atmosphere, feels like stepping into a sleepy 1940s French town as a film noir crime detective looking for a lost book :)

Jegar: Nice to see a psuedo adventrue game. Nothing bad other then a few glitches and some moments being lost. Only got a few minutes in.

kcsqq2: This game has a nice art!

Zwitfire: I'm going to give you quite some credit for the effort in the custom artwork. Well done to that. I like how every actor has an animation. However, I disliked the way you get introduced to this game. You enter a city, and I run around for 10 minutes with no clue what to do. It's great to have some riddles in a game, but I was just running around for the first 10 minutes and gave up on finding out what to do next. I'm going to stick with a 5, for the artwork.