The Paradox Wars - The First Sinner :: Demo v0.1

by MXHZero (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Alcohol, Violence, Blood.

Game Description

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The very fabric of time is falling apart! With alternate realities springing up faster than ever, biologically enchanced people known as Angels have placed themselves in space to watch everything play out on earth, while trying to find the original paradox (Paradox 0). In order to prevent any Angel-related paradoxes, the earthbound Angels known as Watchers are prohibited from aiding the humans in any way, while preventing humans from creating paradoxes. Sefeir (AKA Jack Serenade), a Watcher for 20 years inadvertently creates a paradox by saving the life a human named Zeke. His punishment: He must destroy the paradox he created before it happens, or dire concequences will occur...

Merely a demo of what's to come. Features the Rank F (Terrible) Ending along with some info to help you guide our hero Jack through his mission.
The Second Demo will continue past the begining of Shimura Foothills, and end after the first boss, in the Sinsong Desert.

Sidenote: The opening spawn is acting up, so just head to the north exit to get your info about the mission.

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Released: October 5, 2010, 18:35
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