The Traveler

by SBG (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Point and Click Adventure
This game apparently does not have any potential offensive content, or its content has not been set.

Game Description

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Feb. 18, 2012

The Traveler is a free HD point-and-click adventure game currently being developed for the PC using the 001 Game Creator.

The current demo is very outdated and does not represent the final content of the game.

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Released: May 6, 2011, 23:13
Total downloads: 2417.
Users downloaded: 1860

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Krazy Kaptain: I loved the game! You must have made your own graphics because it looked like a mix of pro and ms paint assets! @Zwitfire, you don't like anything.

RPGCreator: Nice, very good!

noeneto123: Very nicelly game, graphics and all, congratulations this game is best of 001 games!

MarkAnthonyyy: Reminds me of Fallout 1 and 2! Very nice!

Lukaaaz BR: Very nice game!

K-Pone: Well done so far. Extremely nice graphics. Nice work, dude.

sonic swordmaster: 10/10 Even though there wasn't any story line what I saw so far was extremely impressive.

ITB: Beautiful! 10/10

Mike: Very neat game - I really can't wait to see it completed!

generalnutt: Great atmopshere, nice movement, it's an alpha release and I rate it on that 10!

minato: It's really nice! 10/10

azerdeath: Rather unique friend, keep up the good work!

Mike Stephen: I like this graphics! 1000/1000

Phantom_Soulja: wondering how u did it? hmmmm? great tho

sam123: Awesome graphics

Samulis: Very nice, I enjoyed the graphics (and 8-direction sprites; awesome particles; etc.) a lot.

Mr.Numbers: I rate 9/10. It is a bloody amazing start! Can't wait to see the finished game,

CHAOKOCartoons: A fantastic display of the games visual capabilities! It's missing a lot of things I assume will be in the final version, but as a display of what you CAN do it gets the point across very well!

NIKmikrus: Better than GTA on Map 001 :D

implode22: Short, Interesting and one of my top 5 001 games playable. 9.

Rohan15: Very nice graphics and art style.

Deedasmi: I have to give in an 8 because it's more of a proof of concept then a game.

RedTulip: Was awesome! Good graphics!

Jayfeather: A lot of work went into the graphics, but at the moment graphics are all you've got. Current form is merely a concept and is actually less then a demo, it is however on of the most important releases yet. Keep up the good work!

SabenStudios: It's got the potential to be a great game

Zorc: I give it a 7 because graphic isnt everything a game needs but the graphic really is great

Cyber Crimson: It's still a concept... so i give 7

Spartan225: Its a good demo, but to me, the graphics are a little out of place in 3D. But it looks fantastic! Good work man!!

Jegar: Interesting some of the mouse stuff didn't work, and none of the ingame things could be observed

Poldi: Great graphics!

wkwkwkwk1: too small...for now

xboxown: I like the concept and everything, but I cannot do anything with it. So I was teasingly disappointed. :(

Merlin_Kalkinput: Very awesome graphics, but that's all this project is right now. I would very much like to see this come together into an actual game!

Zwitfire: I personally just didn't like it :S